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Creative Leadership

Format: In-Person Seminar
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Creative Leadership

This is not your ordinary leadership course! This is training for today's leaders — people like you who are pulled in a million different directions, expected to get more done with fewer resources, and force to cope with budget cuts, corporate crises, reduction of employee benefits, hiring and wage freezes, and much more. These tougher times call for creativity and innovation in leadership, and that's why this revolutionary new course was developed.

In one day of lightning-paced, high-energy training, you'll learn techniques for turbo-charging your leadership skills and getting your employees on track for super performance and a lot more productivity.

You'll learn how to support an environment of creativity, innovation, and passion, regardless of what type of company you work for. You'll learn once and for all what people need from their leaders, and even more important, you'll learn exactly how to give it to them.

You'll discover new ideas for motivating your high achievers to continue performing at the top of their game, while giving your less-than-stellar performers the encouragement they need to really shine.

You'll explore ways to tap into your own personal leadership strengths, minimize your weaknesses, and develop a unique leadership style that is highly effective, yet reflects your core beliefs and personality.

Fun, fast, and highly effective, this training will stimulate your thinking, recharge your batteries, and spark your outside-the-lines creativity as you inspire your employees to excellence.


Start Here to Become a Creative Leader

  • Learn to avoid common self-sabotaging behaviors that often plague both new and seasoned leaders
  • Your "leadership quotient" — why it's absolutely critical to your success as a leader!
  • What do employees really want from you as a leader? The answers are guaranteed to surprise you!
  • Find out why traditional management models just don't measure up in today's workplace...and what to use instead
  • Your Personal Action Plan — a super tool to build character, strengthen leadership skills, and boost your overall effectiveness
  • Create an atmosphere of trust and respect that values employees and promotes loyalty among coworkers

Establish Communication — the Foundation of Effective Leadership

  • What to say and how to say it —...leadership language...that supports synergy and encourages others to agree with you
  • Strong leaders are strong communicators — how to infuse your communication style with confidence and power
  • Fresh strategies and exciting techniques to open up the communication pipeline and keep ideas flowing freely
  • Words, phrases, and gestures to help you come across as poised, intelligent, and trustworthy every time you speak

Support Innovation, Experimentation, and Free Thinking in Your Workplace

  • Clever ways to reward those who stretch their mental muscles, think outside the box, and share their great ideas
  • Kick the attitude of "that's the way we've always done it" out the door and approach old tasks from a fresh perspective
  • Ways to work around establishment restrictions that can stifle creativity and crush employee morale
  • Why it is important to always support your employees in public — how not following this management edict can destroy your leadership effectiveness

Build Teams That Pull Together, Instead of Apart

  • Strategies and techniques to encourage teammates to collaborate, cooperate, and turn to one another for help and inspiration
  • Fantastic ideas to encourage and support team creativity and growth, including team-base activities
  • How to create a team culture based on trusting relationships and an "all for one" mentality

Guide Your People to Peak Performance Through Coaching and Positive Discipline

  • The 80/20 principle: Use it to encourage employees to move beyond their defined jobs to deliver breakthrough ideas and exceptional performance
  • How to use goal-setting as an incredible empowerment tool and reap the benefits of increased productivity
  • Why poor morale occurs even when benefits and pay are good
  • Poor attitudes? Negativity? Innovative techniques to make these problems a thing of the past

Be Creative in Solving Problems, Conquering Stress and Burnout, and Building Morale

  • Strategies to flex your creative muscles and arrive at workable solutions from a different perspective
  • The warning signs of stress and burnout in yourself and your team
  • Why creating an atmosphere of laughter and humor can be more valuable than a pay raise
  • Low-cost and no-cost ways to build morale and create a fun, positive work environment
  • Clever techniques for using stressful situations to positively challenge and stretch employees

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All US States: 0.6

All US States: 6

HRCI Recertification Credits
All US States: 5.5
About The Provider: Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack, divisions of PARK University Enterprises, Inc., create one of the most respected international providers of professional seminars.

Since pioneering the one-day seminar in 1970 as Fred Pryor Seminars, our organization has built a reputation for high-quality, convenient, and practical business-skills training around the world, in every industry and sector.

Today, with more than 8 million satisfied customers, we continue to pride ourselves in providing the superior training you've come to expect from Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack. Our cutting-edge research and course development are designed to meet the adult learning needs of your employees and your organization.

Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack are your number one choices for training because we offer:
  • In-depth experience in the training industry
  • Consistent and comprehensive course offerings
  • High-energy and content-rich presentations
  • Multiple training tools, including on-site training, on-line learning, seminars, and A/V products
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!
As we continue to grow, expand, and change to meet client and market needs, we always remember that every individual customer matters and that collectively, they are our most valuable assets. That's why our goal is the same today as it was 30 years ago — to provide the best choice in business skills training with maximum convenience to help you — our customer — achieve success!
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Creative LeadershipBend, OR3/26/2018
Creative LeadershipEugene, OR3/27/2018
Creative LeadershipSalem, OR3/28/2018
Creative LeadershipPortland, OR3/29/2018
Creative LeadershipMemphis, TN4/4/2018
Creative LeadershipNashville, TN4/5/2018
Creative LeadershipKnoxville, TN4/6/2018
Creative LeadershipHartford, CT4/9/2018
Creative LeadershipProvidence, RI4/10/2018
Creative LeadershipWorcester, MA4/11/2018
Creative LeadershipWoburn, MA4/12/2018
Creative LeadershipPortland, ME4/13/2018
Creative LeadershipBoise, ID4/16/2018
Creative LeadershipSpokane, WA4/17/2018
Creative LeadershipDurango, CO5/7/2018
Creative LeadershipAlamosa, CO5/8/2018
Creative LeadershipSanta Fe, NM5/9/2018
Creative LeadershipAlbuquerque, NM5/10/2018
Creative LeadershipPhoenix, AZ5/11/2018
Creative LeadershipNorfolk, VA6/4/2018
Creative LeadershipRichmond, VA6/5/2018
Creative LeadershipCharlottesville, VA6/6/2018
Creative LeadershipTowson, MD6/7/2018
Creative LeadershipBloomington, IL6/25/2018
Creative LeadershipFredericksburg, VA6/26/2018
Creative LeadershipSt. Louis, MO6/26/2018
Creative LeadershipSpringfield, MO6/27/2018
Creative LeadershipWashington, DC6/27/2018
Creative LeadershipOverland Park, KS6/28/2018
Creative LeadershipFrederick, MD6/28/2018
Creative LeadershipWichita, KS6/29/2018
Creative LeadershipAnnapolis, MD6/29/2018

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