How To Identify, Develop, And Move Talented Employees To The Next Level
Why wait for turnover in your manager or leadership team to happen, then be left scrambling to fill the position? Act now to develop a "Management Development Program", which is an excellent way to eliminate staffing gaps and ensure smooth transitions.

This training session will help your organization to identify, develop, and effectively move talented employees to the next level! It includes guidance on what needs to be included in your curriculum, which internal or external resources to utilize, how the training should be delivered, and much more.

Learning Objectives:
  • Approaches to conducting a needs assessment as a first step in developing your management development program
  • Must-include topics for effective management development training programs
  • Strategies for determining other topics of particular importance to your organization
  • Options for the best ways to schedule and deliver management training programs
  • Tips for selecting an optimal mix of on-site training versus external seminar attendance and online options
  • How mentoring and coaching can play a role in your management development program
  • Incorporating assessment into your management development program
  • Tips for tracking participation and recognizing accomplishments within your management development program
  • How your internal management development program can have a positive impact on supervisory staffing now and into the future
  • Pros and cons of limiting participation in management development training programs to specially-selected candidates versus allowing any employees who are interested to participate
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