New Rules Require Employers To Provide “Reasonable Accommodations” To Pregnant Employees
The EEOC recently issued guidance that now requires employers to “reasonably accommodate” a pregnancy.

Moreover, the US Supreme Court has recently weighed in on this issue in a case involving the Pregnancy Discrimination Act. In Young v United Parcel Service, Inc., the Supreme Court basically held that the Pregnancy Discrimination Act could require an employer to provide accommodation to pregnant employees similar to accommodations they would provide to other disabled employees.

In addition to the EEOC Guidance and the Supreme Court decision, many municipal and state laws have been amended recently to include pregnancy as a disability for which employers will need to provide reasonable accommodations.

This training session will help you understand your obligations under both federal and state law to provide accommodations for your pregnant employees under these new rules. It also provides guidance on the best way to revise your policies to ensure compliance with the new rules and law.

Learning Objectives:
  • Overview of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and its requirements
  • Understanding what is required to treat pregnant workers the “same” as other employees who have temporary disabilities;
  • Review of Young v United Parcel Service - and the implications of this decision
  • Review of the current EEOC Guidance on providing reasonable accommodations to pregnant employees
  • Summary of recent state and local laws that now require employers to accommodate pregnant employees
  • Tips for revisions to your policies and practices to ensure you are in compliance with federal, state, and local laws
  • Necessary updates to your handbook required by these new laws and EEOC guidance
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