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Course/Product Description

Word 2010

Format: Online Training Course

Designed to give you the finest document-formatting tools, Word 2010 not only helps you write with more efficiency, but it also helps you easily organize your documents, and stay within reach so you can capture your best ideas whenever and wherever they occur.

LearnKey expert Mandi Fiddle Bergenfeld walks you through the steps of creating professional-quality documents, easier ways to work together with people, and almost-anywhere access to your files.


  • Create visually compelling documents, easier than ever before
  • Save time and simplify your work
  • Work together more successfully
Session 1
  • Section A: Introduction
    • Exploring the New Layout
    • Understanding Backstage View
    • Understanding Application Layout
    • Insert Tab
    • Page Layout Tab
    • References Tab
    • Mailings Tab
    • Review Tab
    • View Tab
    • Hiding the Ribbon
    • Status Bar
    • Version Comparison
  • Section B: Navigating Documents
    • Show/Hide Paragraph Marks
    • Using CTRL+END/HOME
    • Word-by-Word Navigation
    • Paragraph Navigation
    • Page Navigation
    • Selecting Text
    • Views Defined
    • Print Layout/Full Screen Reading Views
    • Customizing View Options
    • Web Layout and Outline Views
    • Contextual Tabs
    • Working in Outline View
    • Draft View
    • Customizing the Status Bar
  • Section C: Using Backstage
    • Document Information
    • Document Permissions
    • Manage Versions
    • Recent, New, and Print Options
    • Save & Send Options
    • Change File Type on Save
    • Compatibility Check
    • Using Help
    • ALT Keyboard Shortcuts
    • File Management
    • File Sorting
  • Section D: Managing Document Design
    • Using Built-In Themes
    • Customizing Themes
    • Saving Themes
    • Using Quick Parts
    • Creating and Inserting AutoText
    • Document Property
    • Field Quick Parts
    • Building Blocks Organizer
  • Section E: Preparing Documents for Printing
    • Spelling and Grammar Checking
    • Adding Words to Dictionary
    • Using the Thesaurus
    • Proofing Options
    • AutoCorrect Options
    • Using AutoCorrect
    • Readability Statistics
    • Using Find
    • Replacing Text
    • Find Options
    • Creating Comments
    • Navigating Comments
  • Section F: Printing
    • Print Preview in Backstage
    • Print Options
    • Help Options
    • Help
Session 2
  • Section A: Working with Templates
    • Built-in Templates
    • New from Template
    • Creating a Template
    • Templates
  • Section B: Formatting Text
    • Font Formatting Shortcuts
    • Mini Formatting Toolbar
    • Set Font Defaults
    • Format Text Effects
    • Working with Text Effects
    • Formatting Tools
    • Using Format Painter
  • Section C: Formatting Paragraphs
    • Paragraph Formatting Shortcuts
    • Paragraph and Page Defaults
    • Indentation
    • First Line Indents
    • Tab Stop Types
    • Creating Tab Stops
    • Dot Leader
    • Justification
    • Reset Paragraph Formatting
  • Section D: Organizing Data
    • Tables Defined
    • Creating Tables
    • Drawing Tables
    • Inserting Quick Tables
    • Nested Tables
    • Adjusting Table Layout
    • Converting Text to Tables
    • Adjusting Table Alignment
    • Inserting Formulas in Tables
  • Section E: Bulleted and Numbered Lists
    • Using Bulleted Lists
    • Using Numbered Lists
    • Multilevel Lists
  • Section F: Manipulating Page Layout
    • Using Sections
    • Inserting a Cover Page
    • Inserting a Blank Page
    • Inserting Breaks
    • Column Breaks
    • Inserting Column Breaks
    • Column Width
    • Page Size
  • Section G: Manipulating Page Backgrounds
    • Page Color
    • Page Borders
    • Watermarks
    • Customized Watermark
    • Manipulating Background Colors
  • Section H: Headers and Footers
    • Inserting and Removing Headers
    • Inserting Footers
    • Navigating Headers and Footers
    • Header and Footer Options
Session 3
  • Section A: Working with Visual Content
    • Inserting Pictures
    • Formatting Pictures
    • Cropping Images
    • Inserting Clip Art
    • Image Text Wrapping
    • Adjust Wrapping
    • Working with Quick Styles
  • Section B: Shapes, SmartArt, and Charts
    • Inserting Shapes
    • Shape Styles
    • Shadow Effects
    • 3-D Effects
    • Adding Text to Shapes
    • Inserting SmartArt
    • Customizing SmartArt
    • SmartArt Tools
    • Inserting Charts
    • Chart Quick Layout
    • Inserting Screenshots
    • Inserting Text Boxes
    • Customizing Text Boxes
    • Selection Pane
    • Saving Text Boxes
  • Section C: Customizing Document Styles
    • Applying Styles
    • Creating and Saving Styles
    • Table of Contents
    • Hyperlinks
    • Links within a Document
    • E-mail Links
  • Section D: Citing References
    • Adding Captions
    • Table of Figures
    • Inserting Footnotes
    • Bibliography Style
    • Inserting a Bibliography
    • Creating an Index
    • Table of Authorities
  • Section E: Mail Merge
    • Mail Merge Process
    • Step by Step Wizard
    • Add or Filter Recipients
    • Writing Your Letter
    • Completing the Merge
  • Section F: Document Collaboration
    • Track Changes
    • Send for Review
    • Compare Documents
    • Document Protection
    • AutoSave Options
    • Managing Versions

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LearnKey brings the classroom experience to you - where and when you need it.

For nearly two decades, our mission has been to create flexible expert learning solutions - solutions that work for everyone because they are not only easy to use, but they are extremely engaging and interactive.

Our long-term commitment to the learning industry combined with our record of customer satisfaction and years of experience are the reasons LearnKey is recognized as a reputable global company. At LearnKey, we provide expert learning solutions today for tomorrow's leaders.
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