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Course/Product Description

Communication Skills for IT Specialists

Format: Online Training Course

The need for IT specialists who can effectively communicate with all types of users, as well as help organizations implement and manage their growing technological requirements, continues to grow. The Communication Skills for IT Specialists course helps you communicate successfully while managing projects and people within the IT industry.

Expert Tom Carpenter covers all aspects of communication from understanding theory to conflict resolution and presentation styles, including scenarios that show how effective communication becomes a key advantage in today's IT environment.


  • Increase your earning potential with clear communication skills.
  • Top jobs go to IT specialists who communicate clearly.
  • Manage communications within your organization and IT department.
Session 1
  • Section A: Importance of Communication Skills
    • Need for Improved Skills
    • Being a Powerful Communicator
    • Reducing Resistance
    • Improved Quality, Reduced Costs
    • Development Areas
    • Written Communication Skills
    • Communication Competency
    • Principles to Remember
  • Section B: Foundations of Effectiveness
    • Ideas and Theories
    • Relational Ability
    • Self-Management and Time Management
    • Learning Styles
    • Discipline
    • Technical Ability
  • Section C: Communications Theory
    • Communication Formulas
    • Communication Process
    • Three Perceived Elements
    • Tone of Voice
    • Body Language
    • Environment
    • Communication Roles
  • Section D: Assertiveness
    • Assertiveness Scale
    • Example of Behaviors
    • Benefits of Assertiveness
    • Making Assertiveness Happen
  • Section E: Listening Skills
    • Hindrances of Listening
    • Effective Listening
    • Seven Distractions
    • Five Listening Levels
  • Section F: Effective Listening Techniques
    • Empathy Listening
    • Seek Synergy
    • Five Steps of Listening
    • Asking Questions
    • Customer Service Principles
  • Section G: Personality Types
    • Four Motivations
    • Motivation Matrix
    • Complementing Personality Types
  • Section H: Conflict Resolution
    • Five Conflict Management Methods
    • Conflict Scenarios
    • Deciding How to Act
Session 2
  • Section A: Negotiation Skills
    • When to Negotiate
    • What is at Stake?
    • Who is Impacted?
    • Laws of Influence
    • Sources of Power
    • Persuasion vs. Manipulation
    • Before Negotiation
  • Section B: Negotiation Tips and Techniques
    • Asking ""What if?""
    • Structure the Message
    • Offer Options
    • Sally's Story
    • Asking ""What would make you happy?""
    • Carpet Story
    • The Seven Stages
    • Understanding Change
  • Section C: Translating Your Knowledge
    • Comparison Method
    • Contrast Method
    • Construction Method
    • Combination Method
    • Things to Remember
  • Section D: Accountability and Trust
    • Earning Trust and Building Rapport
    • Accountability Diagram
    • Five Steps to Trust
    • Trust Principles
  • Section E: Building Rapport
    • Three Rapport Elements
    • Use Their Names
    • Discover Their Interests
    • Let Them Talk
    • Pacing
    • Match Conversational Modalities
  • Section F: Repairing Damaged Relationships
    • R.E.L.A.T.E.
    • R = Reside
    • E = Express
    • L = Listen
    • A = Ask
    • T = Tell
    • E = Encourage
  • Section G: Effective Written Communications
    • Writing Principles
    • Getting Started
    • Main Idea
    • The Writing Process
  • Section H: Types of Writing
    • E-mails and Memos
    • Progress Reports
    • Feasibility Studies
    • Proposals
    • Project Charter Template
    • Technical Documentation
    • Writing Example
Session 3
  • Section A: Preparing the Presentation
    • Delivering Your Message
    • LIVE Studio
    • Six D Methodology
  • Section B: Delivering the Presentation
    • Openings and Closings
    • Transitions
    • Handling Questions
    • Presentation Types
  • Section C: Creative Communications Management
    • Creativity Defined
    • The Creative Process
    • Mental Blocks
    • Unlearn What You Know
    • Tips for Being Creative
    • Idea Evaluation
    • Creative Roles
  • Section D: Creativity Techniques
    • Comparative Contrasts
    • What If?
    • Ask Mother Nature
    • Take a Different Route
    • Wear a Different Hat
    • Renaming
    • Anything is Possible
    • Accidental Discovery
    • A Thousand Words
    • Go for a Walk
    • Listen to Music
    • Never Stop Reading
  • Section E: Value-Added IT
    • Understanding Alignment
    • Negative vs. Positive Alignment
    • Relationship Stages
    • Beyond Alignment Toward Synergy
  • Section F: Value Quantifier
    • Quantifier Index
    • Index Example
    • Group VQI
  • Section G: What Managers Buy
    • Managers' Needs
    • Financials
    • Benefit/Cost/Flow Chart
    • Importance and Urgency Matrix
    • Influence and Control Matrix
    • Forced-Choice Indicator
  • Section H: Selling Solutions
    • Sizzlemanship
    • Steps to the Sale
    • Closes
    • Selling Solutions with Integrity
  • Section I: Developing Communication Channels
    • Internal Channel
    • Partnership Channel
    • Consulting Channel
    • Appreciation Channel
    • Reporting Channel

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