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Course/Product Description

Wireless Network Security

Format: Online Training Course

Prepare to gain your CWSP certification with Tom Carpenter and LearnKey.

In LearnKey's Wireless Network Security course, you will learn to implement security solutions to address the various weaknesses in wireless networking. This easy to follow self-paced online training will allow you to learn and understand the sometimes complex world of wireless network security.

Join expert instructor Tom Carpenter while he explains basic wireless security principles, different intrusion methods, useful analytical tools, design and implementation considerations, and much more. Complete your eLearning based training in only 15 hours and get ready to take the PWO-204 Exam.

At the conclusion of the course, your new skill set will distinguish yourself among other IT professionals and prepare you to pass the CWSP® (Certified Wireless Security Professional) exam.


  • Self-Paced Online CWNP authorized Wireless Networking Security course
  • Full training for the CWSP exam in just 15 hours
  • Increase your Wireless security skills and value in the IT industry
Session 1
  • Section A: Introduction
    • Wireless Certifications
    • Certification Benefits
    • CWSP Exam Objectives
    • Types of Attackers
    • Importance of Wireless Security
  • Section B: Wireless Security Organizations
    • Wireless Organizations
    • FCC
    • IEEE
    • Additional Standards
    • IETF
    • ISO
    • PCI
    • CWNP
    • LearnKey
  • Section C: Security Fundamentals
    • AAA
    • Common Authentication Problems
    • Common Authorization Problems
    • Common Accounting Problems
    • Simple AAA Solutions
    • CIA
  • Section D: Wireless Threats
    • Data Theft
    • Eavesdropping
    • Denial of Service Attacks
    • Resource Use
    • Peer-to-Peer Attacks
    • Rogue Equipment
    • Management Interface Exploits
    • Device Damage or Theft
    • Social Engineering
  • Section E: WEP Cracking
    • WZCOOK
    • Aircrack-ng
    • Installing Aircrack
    • Using Aircrack-ng GUI
    • Capturing WEP Data
    • Crack WEP Keys
  • Section F: Eavesdropping
    • Locating Wireless Networks
    • inSSIDer
    • Protocol Analyzer
    • Wireshark
Session 2
  • Section A: General Security Policies
    • Security Policies Defined
    • Password Policy
    • Security Training
    • Security Awareness
    • Security Audits
    • Acceptable Use Policies
    • Role-Based Access Control
    • Management Policies
  • Section B: Wireless LAN Security Policies
    • Physical Security
    • Remote Connectivity
    • Traffic Filtering
    • Authentication
    • Encryption
    • VoIP Needs
    • Monitoring and Response
    • SANS Policy Templates
  • Section C: Introducing Authentication
    • Authentication Defined
    • Credential Types
    • Weak Authentication Methods
    • Strong Authentication Methods
    • Passwords and Authentication
    • Other Authentication Credentials
  • Section D: Wireless Authentication Methods
    • 802.11 AKM
    • Robust Security Networks
    • Pre-RSNA Security
    • Transition Security Networks
    • Roaming and Authentication
  • Section E: Implementing Wireless Authentication
    • Open System/Shared Key
    • Open System Authentication
    • Shared Key Authentication
    • Network Layer Authentication
  • Section F: Understanding 802.11i
    • 802.11 Security
    • Four-Way Handshake
    • Group Handshake
    • Passphrases and PSK Generation
    • Master Session Keys
    • Pairwise Master Keys
    • Group Master Keys
    • Pairwise Transient Keys
    • Group Temporal Keys
Session 3
  • Section A: 802.1X/EAP Solutions
    • 802.1X Components
    • 802.1X Illustrated
    • Typical 802.1X Deployment
    • RADIUS Servers
    • User Directories
    • AAA Credential Types
    • Mutual Authentication Benefits
    • RADIUS Server Selection
  • Section B: Implementing a RADIUS Server
    • TekRADIUS Features
    • Installing TekRADIUS
    • Configuring TekRADIUS
    • Configuring the Ar4 RADIUS
    • EAP Types
  • Section C: Securing Small Businesses
    • Push Button Security
    • Push Button Interface
    • WPS PIN
    • Per-User PSK
    • Wi-Fi Voice Personal
  • Section D: WEP, WPA, WPA2
    • Wired Equivalent Privacy
    • 802.11-1997 Authentication
    • How WEP Works
    • WEP Key Problems
    • WEP IV Problems
    • WEP Cracking Tools
    • Wireless Cracking Process
    • WPA/WPA2
    • WPA Attacks
    • Enabling Security Options
  • Section E: Encryption Ciphers
    • Cryptography
    • Simple Encryption
    • Cryptography Concepts
    • Uses of Cryptography
    • Types of Encryption
    • Symmetric Encryption
    • Symmetric Algorithms
    • AES
    • RC4
    • Asymmetric Encryption
    • Public Key Cryptography
    • Certificates
    • Public Key Infrastructure
    • PKI Applications
    • TKIP and CCMP
  • Section F: Security Auditing
    • Security Auditing Verification
    • RSN Information Elements
    • Locating Rogue Devices
    • Wi-Spy dBx
Session 4
  • Section A: Wireless Intrusion Prevention
    • Intrusion Monitoring Systems
    • Intrusion-Detection Systems
    • IDS Intrusion Detection
    • Intrusion Prevention Systems
    • IDS States
    • Indications of Intrusion
    • IPS Distribution
    • IPS Responses
  • Section B: Implementing WIPS
    • WIPS Features
    • WIPS Device Detection
    • Configuring WIPS
    • WIPS Integration
    • Wireless Analysis
    • WIPS Deployment Strategies
    • WNMS Solutions
  • Section C: WLAN Management Systems
    • Common WNMS Features
    • Network Connectivity
    • Configuring WNMS
    • Advantages/Limits
  • Section D: Public Network Access
    • Public Networks Defined
    • Risks on Public Networks
    • Provider Liability
    • Security Solutions
    • Public Hot Spot Listings
  • Section E: VPN Security for WLANs
    • Virtual Private Networks
    • VPN Applications
  • Section F: Using VLANs with WLANs
    • VLANs
    • VLANs in Wireless
    • VLAN Trunking
    • Configuring Multiple SSIDs
    • Mapping SSIDs to VLANs
  • Section G: Secure Management Protocols
    • Unsecured Management
    • Secure Management
    • Secure Protocol Configuration
    • Secure Management Process
Session 5
  • Section A: Wireless Endpoint Security
    • Endpoint Security Needs
    • Endpoint Security Solutions
    • Performance Considerations
    • Check Point Endpoint Security
    • Microsoft Security Essentials
  • Section B: Management Frame Protection
    • Management Frames
    • Control Frames
    • Exploiting Management Frames
    • Protecting Management Frames
    • 802.11w
  • Section C: Fast and Secure Roaming
    • Roaming
    • Fast Secure Roaming
    • FSR Applications
    • 802.11i and FSR
    • 802.11r and FSR
    • 802.11k and FSR
    • Proprietary FSR
    • Initial Mobility Domain
  • Section D: Advanced WLAN Security Concepts
    • Role-Based Access Control
    • Location-Based Access Control
    • High Availability
    • Captive Portals
    • Security Architectures
    • MCA/SCA
  • Section E: Regulatory Compliance
    • HIPAA
    • HIPAA Requirements
    • PCI DSS
    • PCI DSS Requirements
    • DoD Directive 8100.2
    • June 2006 8100.2 Update
    • Compliance Process
  • Section F: Performing Risk Assessments
    • Risk Analysis Process
    • Discovering Assets
    • Defining Value
    • Determining Risks
    • Calculating Risk Ratings
    • Risk Management Plans
    • Threat Analysis

About The Provider: LearnKey, Inc., is a premier global provider of self-paced training solutions for corporate, education, government, and personal users.

LearnKey brings the classroom experience to you - where and when you need it.

For nearly two decades, our mission has been to create flexible expert learning solutions - solutions that work for everyone because they are not only easy to use, but they are extremely engaging and interactive.

Our long-term commitment to the learning industry combined with our record of customer satisfaction and years of experience are the reasons LearnKey is recognized as a reputable global company. At LearnKey, we provide expert learning solutions today for tomorrow's leaders.
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