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Course/Product Description

Corporate Safety Training Program Library (General Industry)

Format: Self-Study Course

The Corporate Safety Training Program Library consists of 150 stand-alone safety training courses.

All are fully editable, and provide you with everything you need to provide professional training!

Each course includes the following:

  • Reproducible Student Handout
  • Customizable Student Handout Cover
  • Instructor Training Guide
  • Test and Answer Sheets on CD
  • Certificate of Training on CD
  • Training Acknowledgment Sheet
  • Training Attendance Roster
  • Synopsis of Training Sheet
  • Employee Training Record
  • New Employee Training Requirements Sheet
  • Instructor Evaluation Forms
  • 80 to 220 Training Slides per Course
  • Course Objectives (editable)
  • Student Learning Outcomes (editable)
  • Printable as Overheads (flimsies)
  • Printable as 35mm Slides
  • Projectable from a PC to Movie Screen
  • May be Taught from a PC using Microsoft Slide Show
  • Voice-Overs may be Added if your PC is so equipped
  • Free OSHA Content and PowerPoint Phone Support

NOTE: All Compliware courses and slides are standardized in design and format. All courses are editable for easy tailoring of your safety-training program to your site-specific requirements.

General Safety Training Programs:

  • TC 100 Developing an Effective Safety Program
  • TC 101 Hazard Communication Program
  • TC 102 Bloodborne Pathogens Program
  • TC 103 Lock-Out/Tag-Out Training Program
  • TC 104 Respiratory Protection Training Program
  • TC 105 Respirator Fit Testing Training
  • TC 106 Permit-Required Confined Space Program
  • TC 107 Fire Prevention Training Program
  • TC 108 Forklift Safety Awareness Training Program
  • TC 109 Forklift Safety Operator Training Program
  • TC 110 Job Hazard Analysis For Supervisors
  • TC 111 Hand Tool Safety Program
  • TC 112 Portable Power Tool Safety Program
  • TC 113 Accident Investigation Program
  • TC 114 Process Safety Training Program
  • TC 115 Welding Safety Training Program
  • TC 116 Compressed Gas Safety Program
  • TC 117 Fall Protection Training Program
  • TC 118 Trenching and Excavations Safety
  • TC 119 Safe Chemical Handling for Employees
  • TC 120 Drug Free Workplace Training Program
  • TC 121 Machine Guarding Training Program
  • TC 122 Incident Command System
  • TC 123 Industrial Spill Prevention and Control
  • TC 124 Indoor Crane and Sling Safety
  • TC 125 Back Safety for Employees
  • TC 126 New Employee Orientation Course
  • TC 127 Electrical Safety Work Practices Course
  • TC 128 Radiation Program Management
  • TC 129 Radiation Properties and Exposure Control
  • TC 130 Radiation and its Biological Effects
  • TC 131 Behavioral Based Safety Training (Supervisors)
  • TC 132 Roadway Safety at Highway Construction Sites
  • TC 133 Supervisors Safety Orientation Course
  • TC 134 Cancer Causing Chemicals in the Workplace
  • TC 135 Environmental Regulation of Chemicals
  • TC 136 Scaffolding Safety Course
  • TC 137 Fire Extinguisher Training Course
  • TC 138 Hearing Conservation Training Program
  • TC 139 Contractor Safety Training For Supervisors
  • TC 140 Achieving a Safety Culture in the Workplace
  • TC 141 Communicating Effectively with Employees
  • TC 142 Safety Recognition Training For Supervisors
  • TC 143 Introduction to Industrial Toxicology
  • TC 144 Occupational Ergonomics Program
  • TC 145 RCRA Training for Employees
  • TC 146 Risk Management Overview for Supervisors
  • TC 147 Process Safety and The Risk Management Plan
  • TC 148 Indoor Air Quality in the Workplace
  • TC 149 Overview of DOT Hazmat Regulations
  • TC 150 Medical Services and First Aid Training
  • TC 151 OSHA Record keeping for Supervisors
  • TC 152 Laboratory Safety for Employees
  • TC 153 Ladder Safety Training for Employees
  • TC 154 Asbestos Awareness for Employees
  • TC 155 Asbestos Safety for Construction
  • TC 156 Ergonomics for the Office
  • TC 157 Lead Safety for Employees
  • TC 158 Silica Safety for Employees
  • TC 159 Propane Safety for Employees
  • TC 160 Oxygen Safety for Employees
  • TC 161 Hydrogen Safety for Employees
  • TC 162 Tuberculosis Awareness for Employees
  • TC 163 Abrasive Wheel Machine Safety for Employees
  • TC 164 Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasures Awareness
  • TC 165 Material Safety Data Sheet Awareness
  • TC 166 Aerial Lift Safety For Employees
  • TC 167 Scissor Lift Safety For Employees
  • TC 168 Hotwork Safety For Employees
  • TC 169 Personal Protective Equipment for Employees
  • TC 170 Fleet Safety for Vehicle Operators
  • TC 171 Walking and Working Surface Safety
  • TC 172 Introduction To OSHA
  • TC 173 Materials Handling Safety
  • TC 174 HAZWOPER Training Program
  • TC 175 Cadmium Safety For Employees

Chemical Safety Training Programs:

  • CS 100 Introduction to Industrial Toxicology
  • CS 101 Acetic Acid Safety
  • CS 102 Acetone Safety
  • CS 103 Alcohol Safety
  • CS 104 Benzene Safety
  • CS 105 Bromine Safety
  • CS 106 Chlorobromomethane Safety
  • CS 107 Chromic Acid (soluble) Safety
  • CS 108 Ethylene Glycol Safety
  • CS 109 Formaldehyde Safety
  • CS 110 Gasoline Safety
  • CS 111 Hydrochloric Acid Safety
  • CS 112 Hydroflouric Acid Safety
  • CS 113 Methylethyl Ketone (MEK) Safety
  • CS 114 Mercury Safety
  • CS 115 Vinyl Chloride Safety
  • CS 116 Methanol Safety
  • CS 117 Nitric Acid Safety
  • CS 118 Petroleum Distillates (cleaning solvents) Safety
  • CS 119 Picric Acid Safety
  • CS 120 Potassium Cyanide Safety
  • CS 121 Sodium Cyanide Safety
  • CS 122 Sodium Hydroxide Safety
  • CS 123 Sulfuric Acid Safety
  • CS 124 Toluene Safety
  • CS 125 Trichloroethane (TCE) Safety
  • CS 126 Zylene Safety

Gas Safety Training Programs:

  • GS 100 Introduction to Industrial Toxicology
  • GS 101 Acetylene Safety
  • GS 102 Ammonia Safety
  • GS 103 Argon Safety
  • GS 104 Asphalt Fumes Safety
  • GS 105 Butadiene (1,3) Safety
  • GS 106 Butane Safety
  • GS 107 Carbon Dioxide Safety
  • GS 108 Carbon Monoxide Safety
  • GS 109 Carbon Tetrachloride Safety
  • GS 110 Chlorine Safety
  • GS 111 Ethane Safety
  • GS 112 Ethylene Safety
  • GS 113 Flourine Safety
  • GS 114 Hydrogen Cyanide Safety
  • GS 115 Helium Safety
  • GS 116 Hydrogen Safety
  • GS 117 Hydrogen Sulfide Safety
  • GS 118 Isoflurane Safety
  • GS 119 Methane Safety
  • GS 120 Methylamine Safety
  • GS 121 Nitrogen Safety
  • GS 122 Nitrous Oxide Safety
  • GS 123 Oxygen Safety
  • GS 124 Propane Safety
  • GS 125 Sevoflurane Safety
  • GS 126 Sulfur Dioxide Safety

Process Safety Training Programs:

  • PS 01 Purpose And Scope Of PSM Program
  • PS 02 Employee Participation in PSM
  • PS 03 Process Hazard Analysis in PSM
  • PS 04 Operating Procedures Related to PSM
  • PS 05 Training Requirements Related to PSM
  • PS 06 Contractor Safety in PSM
  • PS 07 Pre-Start Up Safety Review Requirements
  • PS 08 Mechanical Integrity in PSM
  • PS 09 Non-Routine Tasks in PSM
  • PS 10 Management Of Change in PSM
  • PS 11 Incident Investigation in PSM
  • PS 12 Emergency Planning/Response in PSM
  • PS 13 Compliance Audits in PSM
  • PS 14 Trade Secrets Relating to PSM
  • PS 15 Safe Work Practices Relating to PSM
  • PS 16 Team Development for PSM
  • PS 17 Hazard Communication in PSM
  • PS 18 Lock-Out Tag-Out Operations in PSM
  • PS 19 Confined Spaces Operation in PSM
  • PS 20 Safety Systems And Equipment in PSM

About The Provider: Compliware is your number one source for Safety Training!

For over 30 years we have provided safety products, programs, and written materials to safety professionals and employees worldwide.

Government agencies, Fortune 500 companies, and numerous other businesses all use Compliware.
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