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Course/Product Description

Improving Accountability in the Workplace

Format: In-Person Seminar
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Improving Accountability in the Workplace

No more blame games, "It's not my job" attitudes, or finger-pointing. Managers will learn how to empower employees to take responsibility!

Help your employees experience the satisfaction of taking ownership, not just of their jobs, but of the organization as a whole. Establish a culture of accountability in which all employees, from the CEO to entry-level employees, accept responsibility for their own success and for their role in the success of the entire organization.

This seminar will help you learn to flex your managerial skills to get everyone to pull together and work side by side to achieve the organization's goals in the most efficient, productive way possible. Imagine being freed up to focus on something other than day-to-day drudgery and disciplinary issues.

Employee Accountability: Good for the Company; Good for You; Good for Employees

In This One-Day Seminar, You Will:

  • Identify what accountability means to your team, your department and your organization
  • Establish a culture of accountability to enhance self-direction and engagement
  • Be the change: Model accountability-accepting behavior and communication skills
  • Break down barriers to a more purposeful and responsible workforce
  • Communicate openly and honestly to build an atmosphere of trust and respect
  • Educate employees about expectations so they want to take ownership
  • And so much more!
Who Should Attend?
  • Supervisors and managers ready for a new era of accountability in their office
  • Small and large business owners who rely on employees to help run their business
  • Aspiring and soon-to-be promoted supervisors who realize that employee accountability can bring real change to the office
  • Non-profits and organizations that have big jobs but a small staff

Course Agenda
An Organization Of Accountability
  • Differences between responsibility and accountability, and why they both matter
  • How accountability motivates us to do our best and leads us to greater satisfaction within our jobs and therefore, our lives
  • Tips for modeling this new culture that embraces accountability
  • Techniques for aligning employee performance goals with the organizational mission and vision
  • Identify high-performance behavior: what it looks like, what it entails and how you want employees to emulate it
  • How to set goals to encourage employee ownership
  • Tips for conveying clear and specific results and expectations
  • Constructive, blame-free method for holding people accountable
Communicating In A Culture Of Accountability
  • Strategies for establishing a culture built on trust, mutual respect and personal responsibility
  • Why a collaborative leadership approach is the best path to accountability
  • Benefits of cross-training among departments and divisions: unearth hidden talents, eliminate redundancies and improve relationships
  • How social media can enhance communication among all employees and instill a sense of organizational relevance
  • How to help employees construct self-empowerment statements that focus on what they can do rather than what they can't
Obstacles To Accountability
  • Identify existing issues that are barriers to accountability
  • How to handle employees with unacceptable behavior, including finger-pointing, not taking responsibility for their mistakes and lacking in professional manners
  • Drop the guilt and quit worrying about other's feelings for holding them accountable
  • Tips for identifying and eliminating words and phrases that undermine accountability
  • Strategies for creating a cultural shift from "taking the blame" to "being accountable"
  • Identify and plan for accountability issues before they wreak havoc
  • How to hold virtual/global/distributed workforces accountable
Maintaining Accountability
  • Develop strategies to keep employees on track
  • Document and share progress with employees to gain their commitment to continued accountability
  • Coach for engagement and ownership
  • Be honest in your own communication and behaviors
  • Remember, success breeds success: recognize and reward accountability
  • Why you must reward performance that goes beyond stated expectations
  • Techniques for evaluating employee satisfaction to avoid turnover
  • How involving employees in the hiring process saves you time, increases their commitment AND helps you hire the right people
Bonus Material Included:
A comprehensive workbook makes sure everything you learn goes home with you! Your tuition includes a detailed workbook covering the seminar’s key points, freeing you to listen more and learn more.

Your workbook is filled with specific techniques, skills and ideas you’ll use to improve employee accountability. After the seminar, you’ll turn to it time and again to recall key points, validate opinions and meet new challenges as they arise.

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All US States: 6
About The Provider: Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack, divisions of PARK University Enterprises, Inc., create one of the most respected international providers of professional seminars.

Since pioneering the one-day seminar in 1970 as Fred Pryor Seminars, our organization has built a reputation for high-quality, convenient, and practical business-skills training around the world, in every industry and sector.

Today, with more than 8 million satisfied customers, we continue to pride ourselves in providing the superior training you've come to expect from Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack. Our cutting-edge research and course development are designed to meet the adult learning needs of your employees and your organization.

Fred Pryor Seminars and CareerTrack are your number one choices for training because we offer:
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As we continue to grow, expand, and change to meet client and market needs, we always remember that every individual customer matters and that collectively, they are our most valuable assets. That's why our goal is the same today as it was 30 years ago — to provide the best choice in business skills training with maximum convenience to help you — our customer — achieve success!
Price: $199.00
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