2013 Payroll Tax Changes

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About This Course:

Affordable Health Care Act Compliance Overview

  • What Do We Know? Too Many Features of ObamaCare Remain Unknown, But . . .
  • Which Companies Are Covered?
  • How Does the Employer Determine Qualifying Headcount?
  • When Does Qualifying Employee Become Eligible?
  • What Are Penalties for Noncompliance?
  • What Is Unknown/Unannounced That We Need to Aware of and on the Lookout For
  • Does the Company Plan Document Need to Be Refiled?
  • What Contributions Are Required for Family Coverage?
  • Is an Employer Subsidy Required for COBRA Coverage?
Other Changes

  • Personal Business Travel Mileage Rates
  • Medicare Taxes on Highly Compensated Employees
  • W-2 Information Reporting of Insurance Benefits
  • FSA Contribution Limits
  • Tax Withholding Calculations on Supplemental Payments
Old Topics With New Relevance (Because of ObamaCare)

    li>Contractor vs. Employee Classification
  • Exempt vs. Nonexempt Classification
  • Overtime Calculations

Bob McNabb

  • Owner and principal of JRM Consulting Group
  • 19 years as corporate payroll manager for nationwide retailer with 20,000 employees
  • 13 years as trainer in legal workforce management
  • Conducts regular seminars and workshops on payroll law throughout the U.S.
  • Certified payroll professional
  • bio info
2013 Payroll Tax Changes
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