8 Techniques for Managing Your Time

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About This Course:
Good time management is about spending time on what is important.

But if you're frequently stressed because you can't seem to impose a little order on the chaos you face on a daily basis, then maybe it is time to declare war on distractions, interruptions, clutter, and all the time-robbers you encounter at work—and at home.

Join us for 8 Techniques for Managing Your Time and you'll learn simple, yet effective, ways to streamline your routine by dropping old habits and replacing them with tried and true techniques that will put you in control of your time. Here are the techniques we'll discuss:
  • Establish and protect your norm
  • De-access
  • Create arcs
  • Save your steps
  • Don't cry until you're hurt
  • Caveat soft addictions (checking Facebook obsessively, mindless texting and other nontoxic habits that waste time)
  • Massage your to-do list
  • Embrace your inner rut
Now you can squeeze the most out of every single minute—without letting time take control over you. You'll also come away:
  • Understanding how the "Law of Reciprocity” causes interruptions
  • Possessing $25,000 advice
  • Overcoming "Parkinson's Law” with daily goals & self-imposed deadlines
Things can easily fall apart when you don't manage your time wisely. Deadlines slip by … projects are abandoned halfway through … and unexpected interruptions can set your whole day off course. And no matter how far you fall behind, the work just keeps coming.

Join us for "8 Techniques for Managing Your Time" and you'll walk away with an action plan you can start using the same day — all you add is the determination to make it happen!
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