Achieving Competitive, Fair Pay: Compensation Strategy Tips For Filling Open Positions While Meeting Market Demands

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About This Course:
Today’s job market is competitive, and the economy is far more healthy than it was following the Great Recession. Because turnover rates increase as unemployment decreases, it’s now a job seekers’ market.

Generally, you get only one shot to fill an open slot with the talent you want. How can you tell whether the compensation you’re offering is going to appeal to prospective candidates? And, how far should you go to negotiate prospective employees’ compensation packages? What types of requests should you be prepared to address?

Plus, how can you fine-tune your compensation strategy to provide what’s really necessary to secure the talent you want? Even if your salary and benefits are comparable to others in the same industry, what would make a prospective job seeker want to join your team?

Consider, too, that the equal pay movement is currently leading state and local lawmakers to pass new laws prohibiting employers from asking about applicants’ salary history. While this legislation is facing opposition, it is being passed in a number of localities. If you don’t know what candidates have made in previous positions, how can you ensure that your offer will be fair based on their experience and the market?

Join us for an insightful presentation that will address these questions and offer tips to ensure you are filling your open requisitions with the talent you want to attract in this increasingly competitive job market.

You’ll learn:
  • How to go beyond internal equity to meet pay levels the market really demands
  • Tips on how to negotiate compensation packages that satisfy candidates without breaking the bank
  • Steps for ensuring that your compensation package is comparable to, or better than, your competitors’
  • When it might be acceptable to agree to pay above the rate you originally offered
  • How to tell when it’s better to stand firm when negotiating compensation
  • How far to go when answering candidates’ requests for alternative benefits, such as flex time, distance work, etc.
  • Creative ways to offer job candidates what they need as far as culture, work/life balance, and other intangibles
  • How to use employees’ insights—exit interviews and onboarding feedback—to discover new ways to make your organization attractive to job seekers
  • How to ensure equitable compensation in light of the many local laws that prohibit asking candidates about their previous salaries
  • And much more!
About Your Presenters:

Sam Reeve
Executive Vice President

Sam Reeve is a global certified compensation consultant (CCP, GRP) with 15 years of experience in Total Reward Strategies. He is an expert in broad-based compensation and focuses his talents on enhancing performance through the effective use of incentive and recognition programs. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Reeve worked in the corporate compensation functions of notable firms such as BlackRock, McKesson and Automatic Data Processing (ADP). He currently lives in Colorado and, aside from his professional life, enjoys numerous outdoor activities with his family. He has a degree in Finance and Economics from California State University, Sacramento.

Shalyn Eyer

Shalyn Eyer joined the FutureSense team in 2014, with over 15 years of experience in education, government, and corporate environments. She holds a B.A. degree in Psychology from Sonoma State University, and an M.A. in Organizational Management and Strategic Leadership from Ashford University. Ms. Eyer started her career in the government sector, took a brief detour in the financial industry, and then moved into higher education, where she was instrumental in creating, launching and growing the graduate and wine business programs at Sonoma State University. In this particular role, she expanded her skills in program development, recruiting, sales and marketing, and event and program management.
Achieving Competitive, Fair Pay: Compensation Strategy Tips For Filling Open Positions While Meeting Market Demands
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