Active Attacker In The Workplace: Response And Safety Plans

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About This Course:
The review of active shooter incidents at malls, manufacturing facilities, healthcare, offices, houses of worship, colleges, schools and public settings have suggested preventive activities to increase employee and stakeholder survival.

This webinar is designed to encourage you to understand vulnerabilities to violent threats, litigation exposures and strategies to review and enhance your existing health and safety program's capabilities and preparedness. Defensive and personal survival options and strategies will be suggested.


Review Violent Incidents in Office, Plant, School, Healthcare and Public Settings
Selected Active Shooter Cases Will Be Analyzed and Indicators to Identify the Potential Active Shooter, Will Be Suggested
Benchmarking Best Practices and Department of Homeland Security/OSHA Guidelines
Situational Awareness – Assessing Risks and Dangers in Your Work Environment
  • Color Codes of Awareness
  • Who Are the "Bad Guys"?
  • Behavioral Indicators of Risk
  • Recognizing Pre-Attack Indicators of
  • Body Language
  • Danger Cues Early Warning Signs
  • Perpetrator "Approach" Strategies
  • Potential Perpetrators
Developing an Employee Survival Mentality
Self-Protective Techniques Against Intruders/Active Shooters
Diffusing/De-Escalation Techniques
Shots Fired!
  • Defending Yourself and Your Space – Reacting to Intruders
  • Self-Defense Reactions to Counter Aggressive Individuals
  • Run, Hide, Fight Considerations
  • Managing the Aftermath
Components of a Comprehensive Workplace Violence Prevention System
About The Presenter

Marilyn Knight, M.S.W.
  • President/CEO of the Incident Management Team, Inc. (IMT), an international crisis management, security and violence prevention consulting company; as a lecturer and trainer in the areas of workplace violence prevention, crisis response and organizational change, has presented at over 400 conferences and seminars in North America, South America, Europe, Hong Kong, China, and Asia
  • Has consulted with Fortune 500 companies in the areas of violence prevention, threat assessment, and organizational change and crisis management; assisted Intel Corporation in the design of their workplace violence prevention system and training of their workplace response teams in North America, the Philippines, Malaysia and Southeast Asia; assisted Eaton Corporation in training their corporate threat assessment teams, worldwide
  • Has been a crisis response consultant to UAW-Chrysler since 1998, consulted with the Michigan Educational Association (MEA) and has been co-director of the Police Officers Association of Michigan Lifeline (POAM), serving 80 police departments, since 1985; has conducted training on Active Shooter Survival and Deploying Joint Crisis Teams after Workplace Emergencies for senior UAW-GM leadership and health and safety representatives in Orlando, FL. and at regional joint training conferences
  • Assisted in writing the National Critical Incident Response Programs for UAW-General Motors, UAW-Chrysler, KeyBank, American Natural Resources (ANR) and Pinkerton, and in training their crisis response team members at their North American facilities; has also consulted with Ford Motor Corporation, Eaton, NBC, Wendy’s, Siemens Corporation, Lockheed-Martin, Comcast Cable, Delphi, TRW, BASF, Rockwell Automotive, New York Consolidated Edison, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, McDonalds and First Chicago-National Bank of Detroit
  • Director of a State of Michigan Department of Labor, MIOSHA Safety, Education and Training (SET) funded Grant, the purpose of which is to help corporations, employers and governmental entities develop violence prevention policies and infrastructures, threat assessment aeams and post-incident crisis response contingency plans through which she has trained participants from over 1500 companies in Michigan
  • Was the producer and writer of a 2004 MIOSHA funded training DVD entitled, Workplace Violence Prevention- Implementing Your Program, which won two 26th National Annual Telly Finalist Awards in the Corporate Training and Health and Safety Categories, respectively; in 2006, she was funded by MIOSHA to produce an instructional DVD entitled: Reducing the Impact of and Managing Workplace Emergencies and Disasters, which won two 28th National Annual Telly Awards in the Corporate Training and Under $700 per minute categories
  • M.S.W. degree, Wayne State University, B.A. degree, University of Michigan
Active Attacker In The Workplace: Response And Safety Plans
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