Active Shooter In The Workplace: Respond With A Survivor's Mindset And Reduce The Risk Of Devastating Consequences

Webinar: ID# 1001329
About This Course:
If an unstable employee, ex-employee, or employee family member entered your workplace with a gun, would you know what to do? This is a serious question that every safety manager, HR professional, and employee should be able to answer with a resounding “yes.”

Active shooter incidents are increasing in frequency and the greatest percentage of incidents have occurred in a commercial setting, an FBI report explains. No one wants to think an active shooter will enter their workplace, but the fact is it could happen and it seems to be happening with increased frequency.

Don't risk being unprepared. Join us for an in-depth webinar and learn a proven strategy for developing and implementing an effective and comprehensive workplace violence prevention program with a focus on active shooter events.

Learning Objectives:
  • Recognize the 8 important pre-attack indicators
  • Apply the FBI’s recent report on active shooter incidents to your HR and workplace safety planning efforts
  • Identify behaviors, causes, and red flags typically associated with active shooter incidents and workplace violence
  • Install a workplace violence prevention program with a focus on active shooters
  • Communicate with managers to gain support and backing for your workplace violence prevention program
  • Develop enhanced situational awareness and a survival mindset
  • Train employees to assure that they know how to safely respond to an active shooter event
  • Minimize trauma to your workforce after an incident
  • Plus, as a bonus for attending you’ll get the ACT Active Countermeasure Training (Survival Appraisal Tool aka S.A.T.)
Our presenter, Bill Gage, a former Secret Service agent with extensive experience in active shooter threat mitigation, will share his insights on preparing for an active shooter or other workplace violence-related event. He will discuss pre-attack indicators and profiles of active shooter and workplace violence perpetrators.
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