Amped-Up Employee Referral Programs: How To Transform Your Employees Into Your Most Effective Talent Scouts

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About This Course:
Are you looking for an easy and effective way to find the best talent for your organization?

Look no further than your current employees. An advanced employee referral program produces the highest volume, the best quality and the fastest hires, making current employees the most effective approach to finding top talent. In fact, a recent BLR survey found that employee referral was the number one most successful method used to recruit new hires.

The main reason why employee referrals are so effective is because employees are your organization’s best advocates. They excel at approaching individuals and convincing them to consider your firm. And considering that referring employees’ reputations are on the line, they are not likely to recommend someone who won’t be a great addition.

You may be thinking, “how much will this cost us in referral bonuses?” The truth is, a lot less than an agency fee or several postings. Besides, only 11% of employees make referrals to earn a bonus. More often than not, they will make referrals for the “benefit of the team,” which says a lot about an organization!

Join us for an impactful webinar on how to create the best and most effective employee referral program. Sought-after speaker Dr. John Sullivan will discuss ways to motivate employees to make referrals, success factors for the best referral programs, and even how to get referrals from non-employees. This is a must-attend webinar for anyone looking to grow a team with the best people.

Learning Objectives:
  • The critical success factors that increase the effectiveness of referral programs
  • How to identify and avoid program killers that will dramatically reduce the quality and the volume of your referrals
  • The most effective ways for motivating your employees to make referrals
  • How to avoid “junk referrals,” that is, individuals that your employees don’t know
  • The importance of providing your employees with stories that reveal the excitement at your firm
  • How referral cards can improve your referral results
  • How to get referrals from non-employees
  • Metrics for measuring the effectiveness of referral programs
  • How to make an effective business case for more program funding
  • The top 10 actions for improving referral program results
About Your Presenter:

Dr. John Sullivan
Professor, Author, Corporate Speaker and Advisor
San Francisco State University

Dr. John Sullivan is an internationally known HR thought-leader from the Silicon Valley who specializes in providing bold and high business impact and strategic Talent Management solutions. He’s a prolific author with over 900 articles and 10 books covering all areas of Talent Management. He has written over a dozen white papers, conducted over 50 webinars, dozens of workshops and he has been featured in over 35 videos. He is an engaging corporate speaker who has excited audiences at over 300 corporations in 30 countries on 6 continents. His ideas have appeared in every major business source including the Wall Street Journal, Fortune, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, CFO, Inc., NY Times, SmartMoney, USA Today, HBR and the Financial Times. In addition, Dr. Sullivan writes for the WSJ Experts column.

Dr. Sullivan has been interviewed on CNN and the CBS and ABC nightly news, NPR, as well many local TV and radio outlets. Fast Company called him the "Michael Jordan of Hiring”, called him “the father of HR metrics” and SHRM called him “One of the industries most respected strategists”. He was selected among HR’s “Top 10 Leading Thinkers” and he was ranked #8 among the top 25 online influencers in Talent Management. He served as the Chief Talent Officer of Agilent Technologies, the HP spinoff with 43,000 employees and he was the CEO of the Business Development Center, a minority business consulting firm in Bakersfield, California. He resides in Pacifica, California and is currently a Professor of Management at San Francisco State University. His articles can be found all over the Internet and on his popular website
Amped-Up Employee Referral Programs: How To Transform Your Employees Into Your Most Effective Talent Scouts
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