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Are Your Company's Perks Attracting And Retaining Top Talent?

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Employee expectations of their employers have skyrocketed in the last few years. Companies like Google® and Facebook® have redefined what it means to be a great place to work. In fact, LinkedIn® announced in its 2014 Talent Survey that "having a reputation as a great place to work" is now the #1 consideration for employees looking at new jobs. According to this study of over 18,000 full-time employees, this reputation has become even more important than having a reputation for great products, great people, or prestige.

Marcy Humphrey, Director of Accounts at Aspire, will address how you can create a perks program that employees will value, customized to your company's individual culture. She will discuss best practices around perks to offer your staff, how to market those offerings internally to maximize employee awareness and usage, and how offering meaningful perks can positively impact your staff and company brand.

This webinar will address how to assess your own programs, how to improve those programs to appeal to top talent, and how to analyze the success of a perks program. Building a successful perks program can be a critical piece in talent retention, but can be a daunting undertaking. Receive the tools you need to start building a successful program at your company.


What Is the Current Landscape of Perks, Recruitment and Retention?
  • Why Do People Currently Offer Perks? Examples Include Employee Happiness, Productivity Gains, Competition and Talent Recruitment
  • Glassdoor Identifies Being a Great Place to Work Is a Top Reason Employees Choose Employers
  • How Has Silicon Valley Influenced Small and Large Companies Across America?
How to Assess Your Current Program
  • What Are You Currently Spending? What Is the Impact of That Spend?
  • How Are You Balancing Salaries and Traditional Benefits With Perks in Your Employee Compensation Packages?
  • Do You Know What Your Competitors Are Offering?
How to Identify Improvements to Your Program
  • Which Popular Perks Are You Currently Missing?
  • Ask Your Team – How to Get Good Results From a Perks Poll
  • How to Create a Balance of Perks and Benefits to Suit All Types of People
  • What's the Bottom Line of These Investments? How Should You Know What You Should Be Spending?
How to Kick off a Perks Program in Your Office
  • What Are the Key Elements for Getting Leadership Buy-in?
  • Determine Evaluation Check-Ins and Metrics
  • Effective Marketing to Your Staff
Is Your Program Successful?
  • When Should You See Results?
  • Where Will You See Indicators of a Successful Program?
  • How Can You Tie This Back to Recruiting, Engagement and Retention?
About The Presenter

Marcy Humphrey
  • Director of Accounts at Aspire
  • Wrote several publications related to the areas of perks and nontraditional benefits
  • Graduate, Georgetown McDonough School of Business
Are Your Company's Perks Attracting And Retaining Top Talent?
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