Behavior Based Safety: What Works, What Doesn't, And How It Can Help Your Organization

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About This Course:
BBS (Behavior Based Safety) theory has been around for many decades, but in the past few years has become increasingly popular among some businesses. Some claim BBS is the only method to use in safety management and injury reduction. Others claim that BBS is too flawed to be useful. But perhaps there is value in some concepts of BBS when applied properly.

Some other tools gaining popularity in safety management are Lean and Six Sigma principles. Lean is about eliminating waste, while Six Sigma is about identifying a problem, using measurements to make that problem clear, and taking control so as to not make the same mistake twice. That is, to become totally predictable.

Attend this training session to see how elements from BBS, Lean, and Six Sigma can lead to improvements in safety management at your organization.

What You'll Learn:
  • What BBS is, and what it is not
  • 10 misconceptions, pitfalls, and pointers about BBS
  • How to determine if a BBS program is right for your organization
  • Understanding the relationship about a BBS program and an effective Safety Management System (SMS)
  • Methods for using information from a BBS program to improve safety performance
  • Delivering positive reinforcement and recognition for employee involvement, performing observations, and safe work behaviors
  • Applying Lean &Six Sigma Principles to Behavior Based Safety
  • How to avoid the "blame game"
Behavior Based Safety: What Works, What Doesn't, And How It Can Help Your Organization
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