Behavioral-Based Interviewing: The Next Evolution

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About This Course:

  • The Drastic Change in the Employment Market and Its Effect on Interviewing
  • New Model New Approach
    • The New War for Jobs vs. the War for Talent
    • Desperate Applicants Are Doing Desperate Things
    • The Need for a Different Hiring Process
  • Why the Old Behavioral Interviewing Model Won't Cut It Anymore
  • How to Make Sure What You See Is What You Get
  • Behavioral Interviewing 2.0
    • Self-Assessment of Your Current Skills and Process
    • Six Questions You Need to Ask Before You Hire Your Next Person
    • How to Set Expectations and Maintain Control
    • How to Position the Applicant to Tell You the Truth
    • How to Use Tools Instead of Time
    • The Three Most Important Questions You Need to Ask to Ensure That What You See Is What You Get
    • The Hard Questions You Need to Ask and How to Legally Ask Them


Mel Kleiman, CSP, Humetrics, Inc.

  • Former owner of three different businesses, including the largest group of Hertz franchise locations in the United States
  • Founder and president of Humetrics, Inc., since 1976
  • Expert authority on employee recruiting, selection, engagement and retention
  • Conducts regular seminars and workshops for clients, such as the Food Marketing Institute, Exxon Mobil, Continental Airlines, Domino's, Harley-Davidson and the Society for Human Resource Management
  • Wrote seven books, including the bestselling "Hire Tough, Manage Easy"
  • Featured contributor to Restaurant Hospitality, MultiUnit Franchise, Convenience Store Decisions, National Shoe Retailer, Coke Solutions and Baby Shop magazines
  • Awarded the coveted National Speakers' Association Certified Speaking Professional Designation in 1999 and serves as a member of the board of directors for the National Restaurant Association Educational Foundation and the Workforce Institute
  • B.B.A. degree, University of Houston
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Behavioral-Based Interviewing: The Next Evolution
Available on CD format
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