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Boolean Recruiting: How To Ramp Up The Effectiveness Of Your Online Searches

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For recruiters and hiring professionals, having top sourcing techniques is crucial to finding that “purple squirrel” before the competition does, and Boolean searching is one of the most effective ways to accomplish this.

Boolean searching consists of combining key words describing the candidate you want with “operators” “AND”, “OR”, and “NOT.” It seems easy enough but there are tricks to the trade that you need to know in order to have successful searches.

Join us for an in-depth webinar to learn how to Boolean search like a pro! Shannon Anderson, a principal with Recruiting Toolbox who draws from her 20-plus years of experience as a corporate recruiter, staffing director at Microsoft and technical executive recruiter for Ignition Venture Partners, Velocity Search Partners, Amazon, Google and many early stage software startups, will guide you through the strategies of Boolean searching. Whether you are new to recruiting or a seasoned professional, you’ll get step-by-step tips that will make using this important tool second nature.

Learning Objectives
  • How to improve your overall foundation of sourcing
  • How to use Boolean operators to source the best candidates on different sites
  • Strategies to expand and hone your most commonly used Boolean searches to get better results
  • How to ask the right questions in the first place to get great Boolean sourcing results
  • Ways that becoming a Boolean expert can improve your sourcing game
  • And much more!
About Your Presenter

Shannon Anderson
Principal Consultant and Talent Advisor
Recruiting Toolbox, Inc.

Shannon Anderson is dedicated to helping companies and recruiters build their brand and find the smartest and fastest way to hiring success. Ms. Anderson was the staffing director at Microsoft during its years of hyper growth and has presented at countless recruiting and staffing conferences.
Boolean Recruiting: How To Ramp Up The Effectiveness Of Your Online Searches
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