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Business Ethics And Whistleblower Protection: Evaluate And Improve Your Company's Ethical Health

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About This Course:
In 2016, Wells Fargo bank was accused of retaliating against whistleblowers by wrongfully terminating over 5,000 employees. Soon after reporting dishonest activity to HR and the ethics hotline. Many of these employees were fired for reasons they said were an excuse to retaliate against them for their reports.

How whistleblowers are treated once they voice their concerns can shed light on an organization’s ethical health, not to mention trigger costly and reputation destroying retaliation lawsuits.

Join us for an in-depth webinar that will help you ensure that your organization is being run in an ethical manner that doesn’t breed whistleblower retaliation claims.

Learning Objectives:
  • What a highly ethical organization looks like—and how training, reporting, and investigations are approached at companies with ethical cultures
  • How to implement certain factors into your organization to create an environment where it is safe to speak up
  • How to implement and manage steps to ensure that whistleblowers aren’t subjected to retaliation
  • How ethical issues often arise concerning key HR areas, such as hiring performance, privacy, benefits and compensation
  • How to handle situations where those in leadership positions may be engaging in unethical behavior
About Your Presenter:

David Gebler
Skout Group, LLC

Named as one of America’s top Thought Leaders in Trustworthy Business Behavior, David Gebler is an innovator of new approaches that integrate culture, ethics, values and performance.

With over 20 years’ experience advising global organizations such as General Dynamics, Staples, Sun Life Financial, Schering-Plough, Boeing and MolsonCoors on how to reduce people-based risks while improving productivity and corporate reputation. Mr. Gebler is a pioneer in values-based assessment and training, utilizing creative elements such as Scott Adams’ DILBERT characters in developing groundbreaking training such as “The Ethics Challenge” produced for Lockheed-Martin in 1996.

A business lawyer by training, Mr. Gebler received his J.D. from the University of California, Davis and is a member of the bar in California, Massachusetts and Israel. As an attorney in private practice with firms such as Proskauer, and as corporate counsel for Gamma International, he gained extensive experience in both bank regulatory and software licensing issues. In Israel he worked for CBS Records International as Director of Business Affairs and as a staff lawyer for El Al Israel Airlines.

Mr. Gebler is a Kallman Executive Fellow at the Center for Business Ethics at Bentley University and is on the International Advisory Board of Suffolk University’s Graduate Program in Ethics and Public Policy, where he teaches Business Ethics.

He is a certified trainer in Management Drives, iOpt, and Cultural Transformation Tools and uses these tools extensively in his client work. A frequent speaker and panelist, Mr. Gebler has appeared on Fox News, CNN, CNBC, and WGBH. His latest book, “The 3 Power Values: How Commitment, Integrity and Transparency Clear the Roadblocks to Performance,” was published by Jossey-Bass/Wiley in 2012.
Business Ethics And Whistleblower Protection: Evaluate And Improve Your Company's Ethical Health
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