COBRA: A Little Of Everything

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About This Course:
This live audio conference is for agents and new employee benefit specialists or the seasoned specialist that want to double check the basics as well as the most misinterpreted portions of the regulations. We will discuss who has the compliance responsibilities and what an employer must do every day to be in compliance! How do all of the employee benefit laws work together - when do they work separately. How can the employer keep up?

So many things changing in the employee benefit world - COBRA, subsidy, national health care, FSAs - how can anyone keep up? This live audio conference will focus on the most misunderstood pieces of the laws. How are the best ways to explain these changes to employees?

  • COBRA - I Thought the Subsidy Was Over!! YES, the subsidy is over - but, now we are living with the results - let's look at the impact the subsidy had on COBRA election rates and claim utilization. And, what is the future of COBRA? Will we still have it after 2014? We will also review what employers are mandated by this law.
  • ational Health Care Reform - WHEN for Me? National health care reform is here - but, when does it really start to impact your plan? One of the biggest changes of national health care reform is covering dependents to age 26 - married or unmarried! This provision of the law is causing the most confusion. Communication is the key! You must coordinate your COBRA activities with this dependent eligibility change. Let's discuss the best way to handle this. And, some carriers have made this change to your contract eligibility early - how is that impacting compliance responsibilities?
  • COBRA PLANS - What IS and What ISN'T? One of the most misunderstood parts of the COBRA law is the COBRA obligation on the health FSA and voluntary payroll deduct plan. This audio conference will cover the employers obligation - some voluntary payroll deduct plans are COBRA - some plans aren't?? Worse for the health FSA - the FSA is always a COBRA obligation but, that obligation is determined on an individual basis. Some are eligible to continue and some are not. We will discuss the 'formula' for making a COBRA health FSA determination.


  • COBRA Subsidy Results
    • COBRA Election Results
    • COBRA Future
    • Model COBRA Notices
  • National Health Care Reform
    • National Health Care Timeline - When Does It Hit Your Plan?
    • Biggest Change - Dependents to Age 26
    • Impacts Your Plan When?
  • What Is a COBRA Plan
    • More Than Just Health Insurance
    • Health FSA Formula
    • COBRA Obligation Regardless of Who Is Paying - Voluntary Products


Aaron Fraser, CFC

  • Training and education specialist for COBRA, HIPAA and cafeteria plans for CONEXIS, a leader in benefits administration based in Irving, Texas
  • Brings eight years of teaching and training experience, with a primary focus on providing in-depth courses on COBRA, HIPAA and cafeteria plan regulations
  • Creates and presents compelling keynotes and seminars that help others understand topics related to the health care industry while maintaining a fun and exciting atmosphere in the classroom
  • Currently working toward multiple certifications, including a property and casualty insurance license, and COBRA administration specialist (CAS)
  • Has a standard teaching certificate for all grade levels in the State of Texas
  • B.B.A. degree in human resource management, Texas A&M University
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Who Should Attend

This teleconference is designed for human resource and benefits professionals, payroll managers, business owners and managers, and insurance professionals.

COBRA: A Little Of Everything
Available on CD format
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