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Communicating For Results: Key Strategies for Getting Things Done

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Did you know that communication is continuous? Everyone communicates, all the time. You can't turn communication off. Everything that you do sends messages to other people, whether you're trying to or not.

With that said, not all communication is effective, and it's certainly doesn't all contribute to the ultimate goal of getting things done. Sometimes, the way we communicate actually stands in the way of accomplishing results.

If you want to improve your ability to get results, the first step is to learn how to communicate more effectively, in a way that is likely to lead to the outcomes you are seeking. Attend this informative audio conference and learn practical strategies you can immediately apply to become a more competent communicator who is able to get things done at work.What You'll Learn:Developing the ability to communicate for results and get things done can have a significant impact on both professional and personal effectiveness and success. If you're ready to boost your results-oriented communication competence, this session is for you! Key topics include:
  • Impact and role of communication in the work environment
  • Perspective on the process: Understanding how meaning is exchanged
  • Making sense of and adapting to communication styles and preferences
  • Breaking down the building blocks of effective communication
  • Components of clarity - how to say what you really mean while staying focused on your goal
  • Big picture communication - considering the context and participant perspectives
  • Keeping your eye on the ball (i.e., results) - verifying understanding and asking for action
  • Growing in professional effectiveness through goal-focused communication
Communicating For Results: Key Strategies for Getting Things Done
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