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Communication Secrets Of Great Leaders: How To Spark Engaging, Meaningful Dialogue To Achieve Better Business Outcomes

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Could poor communication be sabotaging your organization’s success? With all the daily challenges and issues they face, most managers do not take the time to be clear, concise, and engaging in how they communicate.

The result is marginal communication practices that are likely compounding already difficult situations.

Engaging, meaningful, effective communication provides a solid framework for cultivating an organization’s ongoing growth and success. And, if you’re willing to make the effort to understand how people (and especially leaders) in your organization communicate, you can quickly identify opportunities to significantly enhance communication approaches. 

But before you can begin to make improvements, it’s invaluable to understand and identify the gaps in communication and the proven strategies and tools for addressing them.

Join us when organizational culture consultant and executive coach Denice Hinden of Managance Consulting & Coaching will deliver a fresh perspective and a clear understanding of how effective communication helps in accomplishing organization goals and objectives. She’ll also offer strategies for increasing the overall quality of communications across different levels within the organization, and she’ll share successful approaches for achieving higher morale and productivity for all members of the company.

Learning Objectives:
  • Why the first step toward effective communication is to evaluate the type of leader and manager you are
  • The positive communication approaches seasoned leaders share with their teams
  • Practical tips on how to create the necessary space and conditions that support clear, open, and effective communication among managers, so they’ll take smart risks and achieve honest and productive communication
  • Real-life examples demonstrating effective approaches for sharing personal and organizational values, beliefs and visions
  • How to build foundations for effective two-way communication necessary for a productive work environment
  • What it really means to speak genuinely and listen deeply—the pillars of effective communication!
  • Tips on how to show appreciation and give recognition for what team members do as often as possible, creatively and joyfully
Communication Secrets Of Great Leaders: How To Spark Engaging, Meaningful Dialogue To Achieve Better Business Outcomes
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Course Details
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