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Compensation Strategies For The Multigenerational Workforce: Rewards That Drive Productivity and Retention

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There are now four generations in the workplace, Traditionalists, Baby Boomers, Generation X, and Millennials/Generation Y. Soon they will be joined by a fifth generation: Generation Z.

As you may expect, these five sets of employees, whose birth years range from pre-1945 to 2000 and beyond, have very different perspectives, priorities, work styles, and expectations.

This includes what they expect from their compensation. From the percentage of at-risk pay they’re comfortable with to how much they tend to talk about pay with co-workers, each generation views money very differently. As an employer, you need to be attuned to these distinctions because getting it wrong may mean losing out on the best talent, or paying out more than you need to.

Do your compensation strategies help you attract and retain top performers from all generations?

Join us when presenter Anne Collier, Professional Certified Coach and founder of Arudia, as she provides insight on how to handle, communicate and adjust compensation in a way that brings out the best each generation in your workforce has to offer.

Learning Objectives
  • What the four, soon to be five, generations in the workplace are, and what makes them each so different in the context of employment
  • How the compensation priorities differ between generations – and how to make that work for you
  • How to handle the sharing culture of the younger generations when it comes to compensation
  • Difficult compensation situations you’ll encounter with multiple generations in the workplace, and strategies for managing them
  • What the respective size of the generations has to do with their power to change the workplace
  • The role compensation plays in retention
  • What the skills gap has to do with appropriately compensating members of different generations
  • And much more!
About Your Presenter

Anne Collier, MPP, JD, PCC
Founder, Professional Certified Coach

An expert leadership coach, Anne Collier gives clients a competitive edge by helping them discover their strengths and teaching them how to use those strengths to their greatest advantage.

Ms. Collier has over 10 years of experience with Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® and is an MBTI® Master Practitioner. Anne tailors coaching and training sessions to meet the needs of her clients, utilizing 360-Degree and other assessments. She custom-designs her workshops to target the unique and specific needs of every client. For the best results, her clients learn to coach their colleagues and transform conflict into collaboration by distinguishing strategy from goals, being curious yet not judgmental, and collaborating to maximize results.

Clients walk away from Ms. Collier’s coaching and workshops with a powerful set of tools that help them identify and achieve critical goals, including enhancing communication skills, developing leadership and management skills, and boosting team performance with an enduring sense of purpose. Ms. Collier practiced law in Washington, D.C. with Miller & Chevalier, Chtd and King & Spalding, where she represented and advised Fortune 100 corporations on various tax and business matters. Prior to private practice, Ms. Collier was an attorney with the Treasury Department.
Compensation Strategies For The Multigenerational Workforce: Rewards That Drive Productivity and Retention
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