Conflict Management Strategies

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About This Course:
Conflict is apparent in the workplace, especially during tough business times where resources are light and tempers are shorter.

Most people lack basic conflict management skills and react to conflict on a purely emotional level. In reacting to conflict, many managers will attempt to ignore the problem in hopes that they will just disappear. However, this method will create more stress and tension in the workplace and cause additional conflict among the parties and even involve others in the conflict.

This topic will guide you to manage disputes and disagreements positively and proactively.

This topic is designed to clarify and expand your thinking about conflict, as well as identify underlying causes of, and new ways to respond to and manage conflict. It is more productive to respond to conflict rather than react to it.

You will learn about emotional triggers and be able to recognize those triggers in an effort to prevent explosive situations. The topic will outline flexible strategies of conflict management that will improve your communication performance and ability to respond to conflict. Learn different ways to manage conflict productively by examining the gender trend; discussing the different types of conflict in the workplace; and developing conflict awareness. Learn how to map the conflict and explore alternatives to resolve the conflict quickly and effectively.


Developing Conflict Awareness
  • Illustrate How Conflict Can Be Positive, and When Left Unmanaged, Can Be Negative
  • Explain the Difference Between Disagreement and Conflict
  • Describe Conflict as It Goes Through Five Stages
  • Explain the Role of Feelings in Moving Disagreement Into Conflict
  • Describe Barriers to Managing and Resolving Conflict
Responding to Conflict
  • Examine the Concept That Each Person Is Responsible and in Charge of His Own Feelings and Behaviors
  • Explain How Emotional Intelligence Relies on People Tuning in to Their Own Feelings and the Feelings of Others
  • Apply the Validating Process
  • Distinguish Between Listening for Thoughts and Listening for Feelings in a Conversation
  • Explain That Meaning Often Comes From the Context of the Relationship Rather Than the Intrinsic Definition of Words We Use
Different Ways to Manage Conflict Productively
  • Explain the Gender Trend in Conflict
  • Identify Strategies for Responding to Conflict
  • Examine the Conflict Strategies by Identifying Each Style in Action
  • Differentiate Among Passive, Assertive and Aggressive Behavior
  • Learn to Map the Conflict and Find the Most Appropriate Strategy for Resolution
About The Presenter

Jackie A. Sexson
  • Compliance manager with Fortune 300 company
  • Former executive director with the legal and human resources consulting firm, The Sexson Group
  • Extensive experience in employment and labor law, as well as human resources
  • Has a legal and HR background in employee relations, performance management (360-degree feedback), organizational management, benefits administration, recruitment and selection, compensation, equal employment opportunity, and training and development
  • Experience with the public sector, Fortune 500 companies and small startup companies
  • Held director and executive level positions, and worked as an independent consultant
  • Certified as a senior professional in human resources by the Society for Human Resources Management
  • J.D. and M.B.A. degrees
Conflict Management Strategies
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