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Conflict Resolution In A Remote Setting: Getting The Best From Our Teams And Employees Who Work from Home

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Conflicts at work are distracting, time-consuming, and expensive. Managers and supervisors need proper tools to help keep their people committed, focused, and results-oriented to avoid interpersonal distractions.

Even with remote work, employees still need to get along in order to function and do the required work. This doesn't mean they need to love each other or even like each other, but they must know how to peacefully coexist. Managers and supervisors ought to understand how to apply conflict resolution tools, have individual discussions with warring employees, and facilitate a meeting with both employees together to create ground rules for their future success.

Learn how to successfully manage teams and reduce group conflict by applying such ground rules. Teams need ground rules on how they will run meetings and communicate amongst themselves, as well as with additional teams or departments. Additionally, they should set reasonable expectations of their bosses, while also meeting their superiors' expectations of themselves. Discover all the tools you need for successful conflict resolution in a remote setting through this enlightening webinar!What You'll Learn:At the conclusion of this program, participants will be able to:
  • Facilitate getting two warring employees to get along, using structured meetings
  • Dissolve typical team conflict issues
  • Implement tactics to solving conflicts in the Zoom environment
  • Inspire the value of teaching team members to give each other direct, nonpersonal, immediate feedback
  • Establish and identify the need for "ground rules" in team relationships
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