Creating a Winning Employee Retention Strategy

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About This Course:
How many of your employees are planning their exits right now? With the economy improving, researchers are forecasting “a global talent exodus”. In fact:
  • 69% of employees are actively job hunting.
  • 30% of organizations say it takes a year or longer for new employees to reach their full productivity.
Join us for Creating a Winning Employee Retention Strategy. Employee turnover is a killer to the bottom line. That’s why smart organizations are taking preemptive steps right now to hold on to their best employees.

This timely new webinar will show you how to retain the best—and know when to usher out the rest. Your presenter will be Jay Forte, a corporate trainer to Fortune 500 companies and the author of several books, including The Greatness Zone.

Discover the secrets of organizations that have super-low turnover rates. All of these employers hire wisely, support consistently and reward effectively. But exactly how do they do that? This webinar will teach you:
  • The seven primary reasons employees quit.
  • How to hire wisely, including assessing for performance behaviors as well as skill and experience.
  • How to support consistently, including creating performance expectations and delivering successful performance feedback.
  • How to reward effectively, including customizing rewards and incentives and educating employees about how to create value.
  • How (and when) to successfully and professionally terminate a sub-standard employee.
  • How to build a powerful performance-focused workplace that engages and activates employees.
Few issues are more frustrating—and more important to your CEO—than employee retention. It’s your job to do everything possible to encourage it.

Don’t let turnover kill your bottom line. Discover the retention secrets of successful companies and learn how to keep your best employees happy and in their seats!
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