Creative Uses Of HSAs

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If you are like most people involved with benefits, you receive your health insurance renewal and then try and figure out a way to make the increase as little as possible.

In many cases, we look at the new health savings account compatible plans (get a quote) and then say "the premium savings is not enough to change." The problem with this thought process is that we expect a consumer-driven health plan to be a magic bullet.

Until consumers start to understand what health care costs and change their use of care, we will be in a never ending spiral of increasing premiums.

How do we change this? We have to change the way people pay for and think about their health care. Changing someone's behavior takes time. Smokers can't stop smoking and dieters fail more than they are successful for this very reason. It is difficult to change. Until there is a way to more effectively change a consumer's behavior, people will always opt for the co-pay.

To make things more complicated, health care reform adds layers of complexity to the decision making process. The new environment and how consumer-driven health plans fit within it will be described.

There are many non-insurance tools that are available to aid in benefit plan design and to aid in this transition. From health reimbursement arrangements and flexible spending accounts to the newest health savings accounts, the rules and eligibility criteria of these plans differ depending on the tax filing status of the business and the owners.


Transitioning to a Consumer-Driven Health Plan
  • This Is Not a Magic Bullet - It Will Take Time
  • Education Is Critical - Have a Plan
  • Which Accounts to Use When and Why
Health Care Reform
  • Minimum Essential Coverage
  • Minimum Value
  • Affordability
  • Cadillac Tax
Comparable Contributions
  • What Is a Comparable Contribution?
  • Who Is an EE?
  • Why Does Using IRC 125 Make a Difference?
Producing the Right Behavior
  • Health Risk Assessments

Disease Management Plans

Smoking Cessation and Weight Loss

About The Presenter

John C. Garner, CEBS, CLU, CFCI, CMC
  • Chief compliance officer for Bolton & Company, one of the 100 largest insurance brokers in the country
  • Specializes in group life, health and disability benefits
  • Wrote the Health Insurance Answer Book, co-wrote the Medical/Disability Claims Handbook and wrote dozens of articles, including an award-winning article in the Journal of Financial Service Professionals on using HRAs and HSAs to control health care costs
  • National Legislative and Government Affairs advisor for the Disability Management Employer Coalition
  • On the Board of Directors of the Western Claim Conference and the Los Angeles Chapter of the International Society of Certified Employee Benefit Specialists (ISCEBS) and previously served as president of both of these organizations and is also a past president of the Employee Benefit Planning Association of Southern California and the Los Angeles Life and Accident Claim Association
  • Past member of the Governing Council of the ISCEBS and a past chair of the CEBS committee of the International Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans, the committee with academic oversight of the CEBS program
  • Graduate, Occidental College
Creative Uses Of HSAs
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