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Cutting-Edge Recruiting Tactics: How to Stretch Your Candidate-Sourcing Skills Beyond LinkedIn and Facebook

About This Course:
Recruiting is constantly evolving in the age of social media.

You have probably become skilled at getting the most out of popular sites such as LinkedIn and Facebook, but you run a risk only looking where everybody else is looking.

According to a recent social recruiting survey by Jobvite, 94 percent of recruiters plan on using social media to find the best candidates. While LinkedIn and Facebook are obvious sources for connecting, there are other platforms and places that are ripe for making connections.

If you want cutting-edge candidates, you need to be where those candidates are working, innovating, and connecting online.

Join us for a hands-on, tactical look at how to stretch your candidate sourcing skills beyond the usual LinkedIn haunts. Our presenter will discuss the most effective new places to source top candidates online, and teach you how to leverage all the online tools at your disposal to find and land that super new employee.

Learning Objectives
  • The state of social sourcing right now – which sites are getting the best traction, and why
  • How to develop a broader strategy – if LinkedIn stopped working tomorrow, where would you go?
  • How to use employee review sites such as Glassdoor to your recruiting advantage
  • How visually based sites such as Pinterest and Instagram can play a role in your search strategy
  • What role up and coming content networks such as Snapchat may play
  • Ways to use your corporate blog to attract and source top candidates
  • How content marketing can play into your recruiting strategy
  • What’s on the horizon, the next big things that could be the top tools of the future
  • How you can measure your effort and results on social sites
    And much more
About Your Presenter

Kelly Dingee
Director of Strategic Recruiting
Staffing Advisors

Kelly Dingee, a Director of Strategic Recruiting at Staffing Advisors, is a regularly featured writer on the talent management blog “Fistful of Talent.” She has been sought out by publications like HR Magazine, CNNMoney, The Washington Post, Workforce Management, and due to her sourcing and social media expertise. Her previous experience includes contract sourcing and corporate HR roles, as well as developing sourcing training programs.
Course Details
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