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35% of American workers have been bullied. And the most common employer reaction is to deny (25%) and discount (16%) the bullying.

When employees complain about "workplace bullying,” managers and HR are often confused about how to respond. Could this be harassment that requires a legal response? Is the employee using the term to describe a colleague who is simply annoying?

In most cases, workplace bullying is subtle and difficult to recognize. To deal with these issues effectively, managers must first differentiate true bullying from lesser forms of workplace aggravation. They should also recognize that bullying is a game that requires two players: dominators aggressively attempt to intimidate, while victims meekly comply.

Left unchecked, bullying can result in reduced productivity, increased turnover and serious legal problems. To break this unhealthy cycle, both parties need coaching on appropriate workplace relationships.

Legal Alert: Plaintiffs' lawyers are beginning to use existing causes of action to turn bullying behavior into legal claims against employers. Even more importantly, employee groups have launched legislative efforts in statehouses around the country to create a more comprehensive legal claim.

Join us to discover:
  • Workplace bullying: What it is & what it isn't
  • How an office is different from a schoolyard
  • 6 signs that you might have a bullying problem
  • Bullies vs. jerks: Four specific bullying behaviors
  • Understanding the dominator/victim relationship
  • Abuse of power: The worst form of bullying
  • Controlling the dominators: Expectations & boundaries
  • Coaching the victims: Assertiveness & role models
  • Using group coaching to heal fractured teams
  • The problem of rogue managers & toxic executives
  • How to protect yourself against current legal claims
  • What you need to know about proposed anti-bullying legislation
Federal legislation that makes "bullying” illegal in the workplace could open a legal can of worms that would generate thousands of new lawsuits.

Don't let bullying be the elephant in the room at your workplace. Join us to find out how to control the perpetrators and avoid legal pitfalls.
Course Details
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