Difficult Conversations: How To Address Thorny HR Issues While Preserving Employees' Dignity And Minimizing Legal Risks

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About This Course:
Terminations and performance-related talks, as well as those where HR needs to address sensitive issues like employee behavior, hygiene and inappropriate dress, can be some of the most challenging conversations HR professionals must have.

What if the employee cries—or goes off in an angry fit of rage?
How can you present the facts without setting off an angry or desperate reaction? Or, what if something you say sparks the employee to file a legal claim against the organization?

While you can’t control the employee’s reaction, you can take steps to control your own demeanor, tone, statements, and reactions to ensure a peaceful and productive resolution to the issue at hand.

Join us for practical insights into the tools and tactics you should be using to handle difficult conversations in your workplace. You’ll gain practical knowledge on what steps to take to skillfully present difficult information to an employee, whether it’s to give a warning, advise of job responsibility changes or inform of a termination.

Learning Objectives:
  • Meeting preparation musts—including the role of documentation and notes
  • How to set the tone for success and keep the meeting focused on the business at hand
  • What to prepare for—so you can anticipate likely reactions and diffuse negativity, anger, and other potentially tumultuous emotions from the one who’s receiving the news
  • How to strike the right balance of exuding compassion and staying on point to deliver key feedback or other information
  • How to respond when the employee decides to “vent” or go off on a tangential issue from the one you’re there to discuss
  • Examples of masterfully handled improvement plan, coaching, and warning-based talks
About Your Presenter:

Mary Anne Kennedy
Principal Consultant
MAKHR Consulting, LLC

Mary Anne Kennedy, author of “Finding the Right Job, a Step by Step Approach.” is the SVP of HR & GM for Yusen Logistics (Americas) and concurrently the principal consultant at MAKHR Consulting, LLC, providing small- to medium-size organizations with HR systems and services focusing on staffing, leadership, and organizational development. Ms. Kennedy has held a variety of HR leadership roles in Fortune 100 and 500 companies including Bristol Myers Squibb and Herman Miller high-end office furniture. She is a sought-after speaker on a variety of HR topics, including: coaching and mentoring, succession planning, performance management, reward and recognition programs, and career coaching. Ms. Kennedy holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Science and has certifications in MBTI administration and DDI behavior-based interviewing.
Difficult Conversations: How To Address Thorny HR Issues While Preserving Employees' Dignity And Minimizing Legal Risks
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