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Digital Profiles: The New Résumé: How To Search Online Profiles For Recruitment Success

About This Course:
Is the traditional résumé dead? It may not have fully disappeared yet, but its importance seems to be waning.

Nowadays, savvy hiring managers are finding that the best source of information about job candidates’ qualifications can often be their LinkedIn profiles, what they post, comment on, or blog about, and the social media groups to which they belong.

Today’s sophisticated jobseekers understand that they’ll be “checked out” online, so they are likely to establish searchable profiles to attract employers. In fact, the latest advice to jobseekers is to make sure that they have a good online presence to show off their skills, work history, and passions.

Make sure you know how to find and evaluate this valuable online intelligence.

Join us to find out how employers are using accessible online profiles to determine whether to hire job applicants and what legal and practical pitfalls you’ll encounter if you kick traditional, paper résumés to the recruiting curb.

Learning Objectives
  • How much weight to give the traditional résumé, and how much to depend on online information you discover about a candidate
  • Why social networking—through LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and other platforms—is becoming the #1 way to find and screen employees
  • Which websites and search engines generate the most useful data about a potential employee
  • What online information to use when making a hiring decision, and the information you should ignore
  • How to gauge the reliability of a jobseeker’s online LinkedIn résumé
  • Pitfalls that could result if you rely too heavily on what you find online or if you go about collecting it in the wrong way
  • And much more!
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Kelly Dingee
Director of Strategic Recruiting
Staffing Advisors

As the Director of Strategic Recruiting at Staffing Advisors, Kelly Dingee is the resident expert at finding candidates, particularly online. Over the last 8 years she has trained thousands of HR and recruiting professionals in online candidate search (aka sourcing).

Because of this expertise, she has spoken at local and national HR related events, conducted multiple social recruiting webinars for BLR, and is a featured writer for the talent management blog “Fistful of Talent.”

She has been sought out by publications like CNN Money, The Washington Post, Workforce Management, HR Magazine and as a result of her sourcing and social media expertise. Prior to joining Staffing Advisors, Ms. Dingee held sourcing and human resource positions with AIRS, Thales Communications, Telecommunications Techniques Corporation (JDSU) and others.
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