Disciplining And Terminating Employees: How To Reduce The Damage

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About This Course:
Discipline that is too little or too late permits the worst employees to set the standard for workplace conduct and undermine the productivity of everyone. On the other hand, discipline that is too rash contributes to employee distrust and morale problems that can damage productivity, attendance, and employee commitment.

This course provides suggestions on how to effectively discipline or terminate an employee with minimal legal risks to the organization and minor damages to employee confidence and performance.What You'll Learn:After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
  • Summarize the procedure for establishing general disciplinary guidelines
  • Define progressive discipline and outline its five stages
  • Identify the components of a discipline memo
  • Explain the proper course of action for arranging and conducting a meeting regarding discipline or termination; and
  • Cite the purposes of exit interviews and describe the proper manner with which they should proceed.
About Your Course
  • Target Audience: Managers/Supervisors/Risk Management & HR Professionals
  • Time to Complete: 75 minutes
  • Purpose: To help managers and supervisors understand how to impose effective discipline and manage employee termination
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Disciplining And Terminating Employees: How To Reduce The Damage
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