Discrimination And Harassment Prevention: Promoting Workplace Diversity Without Conflict

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About This Course:
The American workforce is growing increasingly more diverse. The broad variety of personalities, backgrounds, and perceptions in workers can present great opportunity and enrichment to the workplace, but it may also present some unique challenges.

This course addresses the complex realities of the 21st Century workforce and advocates diversity without discrimination in the workplace. Discrimination and harassment are illegal, unethical, and unacceptable, and as an employee, you can make a significant difference in preventing these behaviors and contributing to a positive work environment.What You'll Learn:After completing this course, the learner will be able to:
  • Identify and adopt rules of employee behavior to avoid discrimination
  • Associate and practice employee and employer responsibilities
  • Differentiate between unlawful discrimination and unlawful harassment
  • Recognize and recount the protected categories
  • Specify the consequences of discrimination
  • Identify the personal influences that create individual perspectives
  • Discern the benefits and challenges of diversity
  • Distinguish between discriminatory verbal, non-verbal, and physical conduct
  • Understand and classify the myths and excuses associated with discrimination
  • Implement complaint procedures for reporting discrimination and harassment
  • Characterize and identify employee expectations, after a report of discrimination is made
About This Course
  • Target Audience: Employees
  • Program Level: Basic
  • Program Prerequisites: None
  • Delivery Method: Self-Study
  • Time To Complete: This course will take approximately 60 minutes
  • Purpose: To advocate diversity and educate employees on recognizing and preventing discrimination and harassment in the workplace
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Discrimination And Harassment Prevention: Promoting Workplace Diversity Without Conflict
Price: $9.50
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