Ditching The Corporate Ladder: How To Leverage The Corporate Lattice To Maximize Learning And Development

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About This Course:
You’ve probably noticed that today’s employees aren’t as focused on “climbing the corporate ladder” because that ladder no longer exists.

Modern organizations tend to be flatter, with fewer levels of management hierarchy and more opportunities for “zig-zag” learning and growth: a lattice rather than a ladder. Are you well-positioned to capture, engage, and retain the best talent in this new environment?

Join us when Amy Titus of Deloitte Consulting will teach you how the corporate lattice can be used to build careers, boost employee participation in learning and development, and empower teams to collaborate for success like never before.

You’ll learn:
  • The difference between the “meta” vs. “micro” manager, and how management style plays into a company’s ability to support a corporate lattice
  • Why it’s important to foster a culture that recognizes employees as trusted sources
  • Examples of multi-directional career paths that can benefit from a corporate lattice design
  • The important difference between career destinations and career enhancement for supporting L&D efforts in a meaningful way
  • How a corporate lattice model can be used to figure out what motivates individual contributors to achieve high performance
  • And much more!
About Your Presenter:

Amy A. Titus
Managing Director
Deloitte Consulting

Dr. Amy A. Titus is responsible for delivering talent management, learning, organization improvement and change solutions to her clients. She brings considerable industry depth, thought leadership and international insights to Deloitte’s clients, given her 30 years of global experience, with a major emphasis in financial services. With Deloitte, she was instrumental in establishing Deloitte University and transforming how talent management occurs at Deloitte with the introduction of the lattice career. She holds several leadership positions and runs the Learning Solutions Practice for the Public Sector. Before joining Deloitte, she held executive roles in BearingPoint and Citigroup spanning the full range of global human resource functions. Prior to that, she was president of a management consulting firm with offices in Washington, D.C., Geneva, Switzerland and Cairo, Egypt. She holds a Doctorate in Adult Education from Teachers College, Columbia University.
Ditching The Corporate Ladder: How To Leverage The Corporate Lattice To Maximize Learning And Development
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