Ditching The Traditional Performance Review

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About This Course:
Many employers in both the public and private sectors are seriously considering dismantling their traditional performance review process. They find it antiquated and a barrier to employer performance and productivity.

A significant number of employers feel that the current review process is an albatross in a knowledge-based economy and workplace. They state that they feel that the old annual employee performance appraisal process is inappropriate and ineffectual.

The idea of procedurally focusing annually on an employee's or work-team's shortcomings completely misses the mark and that energy, effort and time should be spent, by management, on continuous employee development.

This live webinar will aid you and your organization in addressing and fixing a process that has outlived its usefulness. This webinar helps you help yourself by providing you with the tools needed to dismantle your current ineffectual, antiquated and frankly boring traditional performance review process.

You will be provided with new "how to's" for timely, topical, efficient and effective on-going performance communication with your workforce. You will also be provided with steps and actions to take to move from where you currently are to where you and your organization need to be regarding new ways and means to evaluate your respective staff's performance and productivity which allows your company to focus on customer expectations as well as increase company profits.


Six Initial Steps to Take When Ditching Your Current Stale, Boring, Procedural Traditional Employee Performance Review Process
  • Let Your Staff Know in Advance
  • Let Them Know Why and How
  • Make Sure That They Get the WIFM Rationale
  • Put Together a Small Committee for Input to Management
  • Insist on a Time Certain for Program Design and Implementation
  • Keep It Simple
State the Business Case for the Change
  • Design and Distribute a Clear, Concise Rationale for the Change
  • Before Roll-out Provide Meaningful Training to Your Management Cadre on How to Communicate, Coach, Mentor, Monitor and Develop Employee Talent
Avoid These Five Missteps When Communicating and Implementing the Change
  • Muddy Message(s)
  • Inconsistent Management Follow-Through
  • Allowing Overt or Covert Workplace Bias
  • Overlooking and/or Not Providing Appropriate Training to Veteran and New Managers
  • Insufficient Support From the C-Level Leadership
Build Into Your Initiative a Mid-Course Correction Component (You Will Need It)
  • Identifying When and How to Tinker With Your New Initiative When It Needs a Mid-Course Correction
  • How to Share With Your Staff the Reason for the Mid-Course Correction and How That Correction Will Benefit Them and the Employer
Sustaining the Program by Communicating, Communicating and Communicating

About The Presenters

T. Hensley "Ted" Williams, J.D.
  • Principal consultant at the Des Moines-based human resources management and training firm The Williams Group (TWG) serving a national clientele in more than 20 industries
  • Provides human resource consulting and training services which include employee handbook/policy manual design, executive coaching, investigations, workplace diversity, wage and salary compensation program design, succession planning and affirmative action planning
  • Designs and delivers on-site and web-casted human resources training workshops and seminars
  • Combines his legal training with his extensive HR background
  • His focus is not on helping clients “win the case” but on working with the client company to buttress its core competencies and build a workplace/workforce culture in which staff has no reason to “bring a case forward”
  • More than 20 years of workplace/workforce management consulting and training experience as an HR executive, consultant, litigation expert witness and trainer
  • Designed, developed and coordinated human resources policies, programs and systems for startup, expanding and mature companies throughout the U.S.
  • Facilitates executive and board retreats
  • Keynote and session speaker for national, regional and local annual conventions and confabs
  • Lloyd’s of London has certified him as a management trainer

Ditching The Traditional Performance Review
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