Ditching The Traditional Performance Review

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About This Course:
Many HR professionals live the nightmare of the dreaded performance review every single year. Because this process is so intertwined with other HR processes, many people are reluctant to make a change.

However, today there are stories in the press practically daily about companies ditching the traditional performance review. This is largely an over exaggeration. While many companies have fundamentally changed how they approach performance management, most of the basics are still in place: setting goals, giving feedback, and paying for performance.

You will learn what this performance management revolution is all about, and some of the important research that is influencing these trends. You will learn how to re-frame what is done today to a new process that better fits how your company operates. More importantly you will learn what information you can leverage to make your own business case for change.

Once you get support from your management to change your process, this class will also help you create a change management plan that will strongly increase your likelihood of success in moving your performance management process away from the dread to a process that engages employees and drives company performance.


Reimagining Traditional Approaches to Performance Reviews for the Contemporary Workplace
  • Goal Setting
  • Feedback
  • Evaluation
  • Compensation
5 Key Areas of the Performance Appraisal to Focus on for Redesign
How Continuous Performance Management Differs From Traditional Performance Management
  • Recent Research on Innovations in Performance Management
  • Leveraging Social Technology to Create a More Dynamic Process
How to Build Your Business Case for Change
  • Demographics
  • Surveys/Focus Groups
  • Benchmarking
The Change Management Process Need to Support This Shift
  • Leadership Support
  • Change Management Planning
  • Branding and Communications
  • Training
  • Defining Clear Metrics for Success
About The Presenter

Edie L. Goldberg, Ph.D.
  • Founder and president of E. L. Goldberg & Associates
  • More than 25 years of management consulting experience; former Global Thought Leader for Towers Perrin
  • Practice is focused on designing HR processes to attract, engage, develop, and retain employees
  • Clients include companies such as: McKesson Corporation, Genentech, CEMEX, Gap Inc., Charles Schwab, Sony Computer Entertainment, Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts, and many more
  • Has published and presented at numerous conferences on performance management, building management capability, career management, competency modeling, and succession planning
  • Recently wrote a book chapter “Innovative Performance Management: Leveraging Social Media Technology” which is currently in press
  • Currently serves as the Ex-Officio Chairperson for HR People + Strategy, is the past-president of the California HR Strategy Forum, as the Founder of the Bay Area Applied Psychologists, and is a member of the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Ph.D. degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, University of Albany, SUNY; B.A. and M.S. degree in Psychology, San Diego State University
Ditching The Traditional Performance Review
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