Drafting ADA-Compliant Job Descriptions: Must-Have Tips To Avoid Lawsuits

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About This Course:
Job descriptions are a helpful and necessary part of everyday life at most workplaces. When used correctly, they keep everyone on track and motivate employees. The well-written job description can serve as an employer’s protection when it comes to ADA-related lawsuits. But poorly drafted job descriptions have the potential for causing a legal stir.

Knowing how to analyze a job and provide a description that complies with the limits of the ADA is a tricky business for employers, and can seem daunting. Knowing what to put in and what to leave out is crucial. What's the job function? What constitutes reasonable accommodation? These any many other questions arise when drafting a job description that steers clear of ADA issues.

Join us for this webinar when our presenter, a seasoned employment attorney, will provide practical tips on the correct language to use when drafting job descriptions.

Learning Objectives:
  • How to strike a good balance between providing the right amount of detail and too much
  • Job description dos and don’ts, including what you should include and what you should keep out
  • How to craft functions that are truly essential to a given job-and why this is so important
  • Signs that your current job descriptions may be out of date
  • How to develop a process to use when creating new job descriptions or updating those that have become outdated
  • How to identify and describe job tasks that are “stress producing” without direct references to stress or pressure
  • What factors must every ADA-compliant job description address—physical, emotional, and environmental—without infringing on legal restrictions or screening out disabled applicants or employees
  • How to spot ambiguous or potentially dangerous job description language that can trigger an ADA lawsuit
  • And much more!
      Plus, as an additional learning tool, you’ll get a sample job description!

      About Your Presenter

      Susan Fentin has been a partner at Skoler, Abbott & Presser since 2004. She joined the firm in 1999 after practicing for several years with the Labor and Employment department of a large law firm. Prior to law school, Ms. Fentin had a long career in advertising and marketing. A former business owner herself, she has unique insight into the employment problems faced by business owners. Ms. Fentin has been recognized as a Super Lawyer since 2008, and since 2010, she has been named one of the top labor and employment attorneys in Massachusetts by the prestigious Chambers and Partners rating organization
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