Drafting Job Descriptions To Attract Transformative Talent: How To Make Sure Your Brand Message And Value Proposition Are On Point

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About This Course:
Your job posting is often a candidate’s very first introduction to your company. It will likely determine whether he or she continues with the application process

A good job posting will not only explain the title and essential job duties, it will also give the applicant information about your employer brand and the potential fit. While an effective job posting will encourage a top applicant to continue with the application process, a poor one can actually drive strong performers away, not just from this particular job opportunity, but from your company as a whole.

Join us for an informative session led by RecruitLoop co-founder Paul Slezak. With nearly 25 years in the recruitment industry, he knows the real scoop on what you absolutely need to have in your job posts and what might deter candidates from applying.

You’ll learn:
  • How job posts can give insight into employer branding
  • How to decide what’s considered a “must have” and a “nice to have”
  • What information (or lack of) can keep people from applying
  • Why there is so much more to a successful job ad than a job description
  • Which artificial intelligent (AI) tools are available to help you avoid discriminatory language in your job ads
  • And much more!
About Your Presenter:

Paul Slezak
Co-Founder & Head of Marketplace

Paul Slezak is a cofounder of RecruitLoop – a global marketplace of expert sourcers and recruiters available on-demand. With nearly 25 years in the recruitment industry and having worked for both an international publicly listed group as well as a global niche recruitment business, he has been a hands-on recruiter, manager, trainer, coach, mentor, and regular speaker for the industry across Australia, the USA, Asia, and Europe. He has seen international success in the highly competitive recruitment industry by applying his professionalism, drive and creativity to develop and deliver solutions that exceed business expectations, and push the boundaries to create innovative solutions. He is also an avid writer and blogger. One day he would still really like to host his own talk show! He holds Bachelor of Economics from the University of Sydney and a Masters of Arts from Macquarie University.
Drafting Job Descriptions To Attract Transformative Talent: How To Make Sure Your Brand Message And Value Proposition Are On Point
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