Electronic Employee Handbooks: Benefits, Risks And Opportunities

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If your employee handbook is still an actual book, you're living in the paper past.

Converting to a digital handbook will cut costs, make updating easier and – most importantly – erase many of the legal dangers associated with paper handbooks.

But e-handbooks involve more than just transferring written documents into a database. One wrong move can actually inject a host of new legal risks:

  • Making the conversion

  • Authorizing signatures

  • Announcing changes

  • Posting (public vs. private)

  • Password management

  • And more!

Discover the best practical and legally smart strategies with Electronic Employee Handbooks: Benefits, Risks and Opportunities. Your trainer, attorney Anniken Davenport, has literally written the book on this subject, Bullet-Proof Your Employee Handbook.

In this fast-paced, 75-minute session, you'll discover everything you need to know about electronic handbooks, including:

  • Why you need one

  • The 3 things to fix in your current handbook BEFORE you make the conversion

  • Step-by-step process for creating an electronic version – from the HR, management and IT perspectives

  • Why you should keep the document behind a sign-in page (and exactly what that page should say)

  • How to properly announce and distribute each new version

  • Why you should include quizzes in your E-Handbook (Plus, discover the 4-question quiz you should REQUIRE employees to take after receiving the handbook link)

  • How to track and communicate changes

  • What to do if employees have no computer access – or limited language skills

  • Proper accessibility standards – especially for disabled employees

  • Answers to all of YOUR questions about employee handbooks

Don't get caught off guard! This is where HR and technology collide – and your CEO will expect you to be up-to-date on the correct legal process. Join us to learn the practical, easy-to-understand tips for bringing your company policies into the digital age.
Electronic Employee Handbooks: Benefits, Risks And Opportunities
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