Electronic HR & Business Records: Compliance And Best Practices Workshop

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About This Course:
These days, more than 70% of company records are stored electronically. Those e-records can be your best legal friend … or your worst enemy.

You MUST be 100% confident that your organization is retaining email, text messages, personnel info and other electronic HR and business records in full compliance with the law.

Employers need to decipher a complex maze of federal and state rules for preserving … protecting … producing … and destroying their e-records. One mistake can result in painful audits and seven-figure fines. Could your organization survive a million-dollar penalty for electronic record mismanagement?

Join us for Electronic HR & Business Records: Compliance and Best Practices Workshop. In this interactive webinar, nationally recognized recordkeeping expert Nancy Flynn, founder of The ePolicy Institute, will reveal a seven-step strategy for HR professionals to manage electronic business records in all industries.

  • Record Retention for HR Professionals: What You Need to Know

    • How to ensure the effective, compliant management of electronic business records in seven steps
    • Electronic vs. paper records: What HR professionals need to know
    • How social media and mobile devices maximize record risks – and how to respond
    • What courts & regulators demand when it comes to the retention & disposition of electronically stored information (ESI), HR documents and personnel records

  • Records Management and E-Discovery

    • Best practices for preserving, protecting & producing lawful ESI
    • E-discovery: Courts demand prompt production of authentic, valid electronic evidence
    • Electronic evidence: How to ensure electronic records are legally valid

  • Effective E-Record Policies & Procedures

    • How to write effective record retention policies – and "litigation hold" rules
    • How to draft e-policies governing email, mobile devices, BYOD, social media, text messaging, the web and other electronic messaging tools
    • Why you need to create – and consistently adhere to – e-deletion schedules

  • Best Practices to Minimize Record Risks & Maximize Legal Compliance

    • How to support record management with employee training
    • Technology solutions to help shore up privacy violations & security breaches
    • Timely information, expert advice, best practices & compliance tips
Don't leave the retention and disposition of your electronic HR documents and business records to chance. Compliance with the law and regulatory rules is mandatory. And thanks to smartphones and social media, organizations face growing pressure to preserve and protect email, personnel records and other ESI.

Join us on to learn the critical new rules on e-document collection, storage, retention and disposal. Get in compliance today!
Electronic HR & Business Records: Compliance And Best Practices Workshop
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