Electronic Recordkeeping: What To Save, What To Delete, And Everything In-Between

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About This Course:
Human resources departments create paper and electronic trails galore. But in the midst of all those pixels, what do you keep and what do you delete?

In addition, employee use of personal- and employer-issued electronic devices for work-related purposes, or for non-work purposes that nonetheless impact the workplace, create record capture and retention obligations and problems that did not exist until recently.

In the social media, share-everything age, it's all too easy to accidentally share confidential, or even highly personal, information about the company or employees that should not have been shared. That's becoming even more true as more companies embrace bring-your-own-device policies. Social media has found its way into all corners of the workplace, and HR is no exception. HR professionals need to know what can be shared, what must absolutely not be shared, and how all information can be protected.

Join us for an in-depth webinar on the kinds of electronic records HR professionals come into contact with, what you should and shouldn't be keeping, your legal obligations, and what to do if federal or state agencies come knocking.

Learning Objectives

  • The breakdown on the kinds of documents and records you must keep on file, and for how long
  • Why keeping everything is almost as dangerous as keeping nothing
  • How to make the transition from paper to electronic files, including answers to questions like "Can you be completely electronic and still be compliant?"
  • How privacy rules have changed, and what must be kept private
  • The right way to store electronic timecards
  • How to be legally smart when providing electronic pay stubs to employees when their checks are direct deposited
  • What constitutes a "record," including examples of digital data such as computer log-on/off times, Outlook calendars, notes and to-do lists, and more
  • The kinds of data that most likely constitute a document in the eyes of the law and what that means for you
  • How to conquer email anxiety, and why email management for everyone is so important
  • Techniques for assessing your data environment, including how to determine if your existing document creation, storage, retention, and destruction policies up to date with the current law - and what to do if they aren't
  • When and how to destroy electronic documents
  • Best practices for managing documents used in litigation, including when your duty to preserve records is triggered
  • Types of technology you should be prepared to sift through when the preservation duty arises...and much more!

In just 90 minutes, you'll learn the latest information on how to ensure electronic recordkeeping compliance and common blunders to avoid.

About Your Presenter:

Attorney Marc Jacuzzi is a shareholder with the South San Francisco-based firm of Simpson, Garrity, Innes &Jacuzzi PC. His practice covers a wide range of employment law, including civil rights actions, wage claims, wrongful termination claims and tort claims with federal and state agencies. He also specializes in employment law counseling, where he advises clients on all aspects of employee relations. Jacuzzi, who previously practiced employment law at Cooley Godward in Colorado and San Francisco, is admitted to both the California and Colorado bars

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