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Employee Expense Reimbursement And Per Diem Rules: How To Keep Policies And Practices Legally Compliant

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About This Course:
Are your employee reimbursement policies clearly outlined and legally compliant? They had better be.

Employees have a right to be reimbursed for their work-related expenses, including business travel, training, equipment, materials, and sometimes even clothing and legal expenses. If you’re not in compliance with the state wage-theft laws and federal IRS rules, you could face hefty penalties (not to mention ticked-off employees).

Join us for an in-depth webinar when Kate Bischoff, SPHR, a seasoned employment law attorney, and Elizabeth Bystrom CPA, share strategies for managing your expense reimbursements without making legal missteps that could result in major headaches for your organization.

Learning Objectives:
  • The legally acceptable ways you can reimburse employees for business-related use of their personal vehicles
  • Which travel-related expenses you must reimburse, and when you owe employees for incidental expenses related to business travel
  • When you must reimburse employees for uniforms, and whether you have to reimburse them for laundering their work clothes
  • Whether you can require employees to wear a certain type of clothing, without reimbursing them for their purchases
  • If you can legally increase an employee’s wages or commissions instead of reimbursing them for actual expenses
  • When employees may not be eligible for reimbursement for tools or equipment
  • When a per diem is really a wage
  • How to draft your handbook and employment policies to comply with the Fair Labor Standards Act and IRS regulations
  • And much more!
In just 90 minutes, you’ll learn how to legally handle your employees’ expense reimbursements.

About Your Presenter:

Kate Bischoff, Esq., SPHR Kate Bischoff, Esq., SPHR
tHRive Law & Consulting

Kate Bischoff advises organizations in a wide range of industries on employment law and employment decisions, from recruitment and workplace culture to terminations. Her strengths include ensuring human resources policies and practices are compliant with federal and state laws, training employees and managers on equal employment opportunity and other supervisory topics, and handling investigations into employee grievances and complaints. Ms. Bischoff’s passionate about improving company culture and using technology (social media and big data) in the workplace.

Ms. Bischoff also litigates employment cases, including discrimination, harassment, wage and hour, and contract matters. After several employment law trials, she speaks from experience when advising clients when administrative and court matters commence.

Prior to founding tHRive Law & Consulting, Ms. Bischoff worked as an attorney at Zelle LLP and served as a human resources officer for the United States Department of State at the U.S. Embassy Lusaka, Zambia and for the U.S. Consulate General in Jerusalem.

Follow her on Twitter at @k8bischHRLaw.

Elizabeth Bystrom CPAElizabeth Bystrom CPA
Elizabeth Bystrom CPA, Ltd.

Elizabeth Bystrom CPA has spent more than 15 years in the field of public accounting, devoting the last 6 to building a boutique firm that specializes in small business consulting and individual income tax. With a background in accounting and tax, she strives to help other entrepreneurs and small businesses be more tax-efficient and make smarter business decisions, in addition to providing traditional tax and compliance services.

Today, Ms. Bystrom has developed a firm that provides business coaching, tax planning, and business and individual tax services. Her accessibility to her clients, and her open and honest approach to the day-to-day issues that impact nearly every small business or individual taxpayer has allowed Elizabeth to create a trusted advisor relationship with her clients. In a world where television ads suggest selecting a tax advisor based on “getting money back”, clients see the value she delivers in a career built solidly upon relationships, experience, and her consistency in both.

Ms. Bystrom’s focus on the progressive use of technology in her practice has been the driving force behind being able to better serve her clients. Her consultative approach has allowed her to provide advice on the various questions affecting businesses every day, from hanging a shingle and meeting the compliance requirements involved in operating a business, all the way through the year-end activities and tax filing obligations of businesses and individuals alike.
Employee Expense Reimbursement And Per Diem Rules: How To Keep Policies And Practices Legally Compliant
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