Employee Leave Workshop: Mastering FMLA, ADA & Workers’ Comp Compliance

Webinar: ID# 1002915
About This Course:
What single employee issue do you deal with most often at work?

The reality is that most HR professionals spend a majority of their time navigating the often confusing, sometimes inconsistent and nearly always challenging array of laws and policies that come into play when employees have attendance and leave issues. For instance:
  • What can you do about the employee who won't tell you the reason for their absenteeism?
  • What about the employee you believe may be abusing FMLA leave, especially with requests for intermittent leave?
  • How can you use the "new" ADA as a proactive mechanism to assist in your handling of FMLA issues?
  • How can you protect your company against claims of discrimination and retaliation?
Changes to the FMLA and ADA in the past few years have made employee-leave compliance much more confusing—and the legal risks are higher than ever!

As a result, you probably feel stuck between letting absences spiral out of control and worrying about triggering lawsuits by improperly denying leave. The last thing you want is for your organization to end up in court because of easily avoidable leave issues.

Noted employment law attorney Matthew Scully will teach you how to make the "Bermuda Triangle” of FMLA, ADA and workers' comp work for you—not against you.

This workshop is geared toward providing you with practical, common sense approaches to the most complicated leave issues you face. Plus, you'll have the opportunity to have your own employee-leave question answered.

Does dealing with employee-leave requests make YOU want to take leave?

Stop wondering if you're making the right decisions—and start managing employee leave with confidence. The solutions learned in this webinar will help you take control of your employee-leave process for good!
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