Employee Theft and Misappropriation: How to Stem the Tide

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About This Course:
The cost of employee theft and its drain upon all organizations - not only in dollars but also in time, effort, employee morale and client confidence - cannot be understated. Theft manifests itself in a variety of ways, it is not limited solely to inventory, but can encompass misappropriation of supplies, false expense reports, information and even theft of time.

It is critical for all employers, regardless of size, to have a cohesive, predetermined approach to minimizing employee misappropriation, as well as a comprehensive plan to respond to theft when it occurs.

This webinar helps employers develop a system for minimizing, detecting and responding to employee misappropriation, considering the legal and practical implications of developing such a system. While different employers will need to take various factors into consideration to tailor a program that best fits their organizations, this class will help identify issues employers should consider to develop the right program for themselves.


  • Types of Theft and Misappropriation - It's More Than You Think
  • Costs of Employee Theft
Theft Control Mechanisms
  • Workplace Policies Every Employer Should Have (and Some to Consider)
  • Activities to Control Theft, From the Pre-Hire Phase and Forward
  • Privacy and Other Legal Implications of Theft Control Mechanisms
Conducting Internal Investigations
  • Steps to Take
  • Who Should Investigate?
  • Documentation
  • Discipline and/or Termination
  • Deciding to Involve the Police
About The Presenter

Diane Krebs
  • Partner in the New York office of Gordon Rees Scully Mansukhani, LLP
  • Extensive experience in civil rights, and labor and employment matters, including discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, defamation, civil service, equal pay, and wage and hour claims
  • Represents companies, large and small, public and private, in labor and employment litigation before federal, state and local courts, agencies, mediators and arbitrators
  • Litigation practice involves extensive interactions with clients, in-house counsel and administrative agencies, including counsel for the NYSDHR and the EEOC
  • Conducts sensitivity and handbook training in house for all levels of employees, to reinforce the policies of the employer and ensure its discrimination and harassment protocols are publicized and understood
  • Provides comprehensive counseling and advice to corporate owners and human resource personnel on daily issues and personnel decisions that arise in the workplace, including litigation avoidance and/or minimization techniques, planning reductions-in-force and other cost-cutting measures, setting up performance plans, and addressing emergency workplace situations
  • Prepares and reviews a multitude of human resource-related documents, including em-ployment applications, FMLA forms, disciplinary notices, performance reviews, termina-tion letters and employee handbooks
  • Vice chair of the Job Description Subcommittee for the Employment Law Committee of DRI, the international organization of civil litigation defense attorneys
  • J.D. degree, New York University School of Law; B.A. degree, Queens College of the City University of New York
Employee Theft and Misappropriation: How to Stem the Tide
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