Employee Write-Ups: Do's And Don'ts For Documenting Employee Performance

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About This Course:
You may have had the urge to say to an employee, ‘I've had it with your performance. You're fired.' But wait, have you correctly documented the employee's performance to support your position in a potential lawsuit?

This webinar will assist you in understanding what to do and not do when documenting an employee's performance. Termination is one of the most difficult things a manager must do and that is why managers give leniency on performance.

Documentation of the employee's performance is critical and can make the difference between a defense verdict and a large jury award.


Employee Write-Ups – the Do's
  • Do Establish Clear Performance Expectations
  • Do Focus on the Facts
  • Do Review Patterns of Problem Behavior
  • Do Write a Specific Plan for Improvement
  • Do Follow-up
Employee Write-Ups – the Don'ts
  • Don't Be Too Vague
  • Don't Diagnose Why the Employee Is Performing Poorly
  • Don't Include Your Mental Impressions and Emotional Comments
  • Don't Embellish on the Documentation
  • Don't Apologize
Other Considerations in Documenting Performance
  • When Is the Best Time to Document Performance?
  • Documenting Behaviors Rather Than Attitudes
  • Maintaining At-Will Employment
  • What to Do With the Documentation
  • When Should the Performance Documentation Lead to Discipline vs. Termination?
  • Supervisor's File vs. Personnel File
  • Avoiding Discrimination and Harassment Claims Through Documentation
About The Presenter

Jackie A. Sexson
  • Compliance manager with Fortune 300 company
  • Former executive director with the legal and human resources consulting firm, The Sexson Group
  • Extensive experience in employment and labor law, as well as human resources
  • Has a legal and HR background in employee relations, performance management (360-degree feedback), organizational management, benefits administration, recruitment and selection, compensation, equal employment opportunity, and training and development
  • Experience with the public sector, Fortune 500 companies and small startup companies
  • Held director and executive level positions, and worked as an independent consultant
  • Certified as a senior professional in human resources by the Society for Human Resources Management
  • J.D. and M.B.A. degrees
Employee Write-Ups: Do's And Don'ts For Documenting Employee Performance
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