Employment Contracts: What to Include and What to Avoid

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About This Course:
When was the last time your organization reviewed and updated its employment agreements?

From commission programs to noncompetes to general employee terms of employment either through the at-will relationship or under a specific length of employment, employers must recognize and understand the enormous complexity associated with these agreements.

Employers are increasingly being pulled into costly litigation over ill-advised or poorly prepared employment agreements. This topic will allow employers to better diminish and avoid employment at will issues, along with wage/hour and compensation/benefit nightmares - while strengthening key terms valued by most employers (such as restrictive covenants, choice of law, remedies upon breach and arbitration).

Identifying Types and Uses for Employment Contracts
  • At-Will Employment
  • Express Contracts and Terms
  • Separation Agreements
The Basic Must Haves
  • Drafting Provisions on Salary, Position Responsibilities, etc.
  • Provisions on Benefits, Vacation Time, etc.
  • Incorporating Handbook Policies by Reference?
Identifying Common Pitfalls
  • Review of Recent Case Law - i.e., Examples of What Went Wrong
  • Restrictive Covenants and Arbitration Considerations
Ways to Avoid Unintentional Creation of Contractual Relationships
    About The Presenter

    Rebecca L. Dobbs Bush
    • Of counsel with SmithAmundsen
    • As a former human resources consultant, has a unique understanding of the legal landmines clients face every day; hot topic issues like employee benefits, executive compensation and ERISA can be exceedingly difficult for employers to navigate without strong and dedicated counsel
    • Thoughtfully and skillfully provides management with advice and counsel in employee benefit compliance, administration issues and employment litigation
    • Represents employers in various matters arising under federal and state employment laws, including wage and hour claims and audits, discrimination and retaliation claims and contract disputes; also helps employers navigate the quagmire of health care reform compliance
    • J.D. degree, magna cum laude, Northern Illinois University; B.S. degree, Northern Illinois University
    Employment Contracts: What to Include and What to Avoid
    Available on CD format
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