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Delivering all the business data everybody needs is just a lot of bits and bytes … until it gives you information you can actually use.

Pivot tables are the answer for extracting usable information from all that data. When Microsoft® Excel® users hear the term "pivot tables," they usually run for the hills, believing that skill set is out of reach. We'll shatter that myth by showing you step-by-step:
  • How to prepare your data for use in pivot tables
  • The fastest method to create and modify pivot tables customized for your specific needs
  • How to use report filter pages, calculated fields and other powerful pivot table features
  • Easy ways to chart and graph your data into pictures that are clear and easy to understand.
Join us for Excel Pivot Tables: Getting Your Data to Talk. Our tech expert and Microsoft® Certified Trainer Melissa Esquibel will train you on structuring data for use in pivot tables; working with the new pivot table format; creating and modifying tables; creating pivot charts; and advanced features like report filter pages, calculated fields, and working with GETPIVOT.

You'll also be able to ask your pivot table questions directly to Melissa Esquibel, Microsoft® Certified Trainer and editor of Office Technology Today. And there is NO LIMIT to the number of colleagues who can join in at one site!

While this presentation will be shown from Excel 2010, nearly all information will be applicable to Excel 2013 and 2007. (Some concepts of pivot tables will be transferrable to Excel 2003, but the screens, tools and navigation are different.)

In about an hour, we'll take you from "why a pivot table” all the way to advanced features, and show you how to do it all in Excel with pivot tables. You'll have that data talking to you in no time. Join us February 19 for Excel Pivot Tables: Getting Your Data to Talk.
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