Finance For Non-Financial Managers

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About This Course:
This webinar will sharpen your analytical skills so you feel more at ease when reading financial reports, making decisions, and talking numbers in a meeting. You'll come away with the critical skills needed to compete in today's complex economy.

Virtually every manager needs a solid grasp on the numbers side of the business, especially if you are faced with financial decisions as part of your job.

Understanding an organization's basic financial statements and how different decisions can affect it are key to being an effective manager, but what if finance is not necessarily in your wheelhouse? Are you sure you are reading the reports right? Are your interpretations complete? Do you act upon the numbers with confidence?

If you've ever had trouble getting projects approved, securing budget adjustments, or reducing costs in your department in a meaningful way, this session may shed some light on why.

Join us for Finance for Non-Financial Managers, and you'll learn:
  • 3 basic financial statements you MUST know
  • What "bottom line” really means
  • Terminology needed to communicate with finance pros
  • How to test your decisions BEFORE you make them
  • What ratios are and how they can help you evaluate customer organizations, investments or even your own organization's performance
Your speaker, Melissa Esquibel, took her accounting background and applied it to a successful technology consulting career. By understanding how her projects affected the bottom line and how they could meaningfully contribute to the overall financial performance of an organization, she was able to successfully secure budget money, win contracts, and gain project approvals. Much of the information will be presented from Excel, but it is not a required program for this webinar.

Don't let your lack of understanding in this area hold you back.
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