Fitness For Duty Psychological Evaluations

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Typical Scenarios for Threat Assessments and Fitness for Duty Evaluations

Central Concept: Conduct Evaluations When Administrative Decisions Are to Be Made Partly on the Basis of the Employee's Mental State

  • Employer Is Unsure If a Threat Is Idle or If There Is a Danger
  • Employee Is in a Safety-Sensitive Position and Is Making Mistakes
  • Employer Is Unsure About How to Address Decline in Job Performance
  • Employer Is Unsure About How to Manage Mood Changes or Other Problem Behaviors
  • Information Is Needed About Reasonable Accommodations
Why EAPs and Employers Should Not Select Evaluating Doctors or Use Doctors Who Will Treat the Employee

  • If the Doctor Is Associated With the Referring EAP and Employer, the Employee Could Argue That the EAP and Employer Influenced the Doctor's Findings
  • If the Doctor Has (Or Will) Treat the Employee, the Doctor's Primary Allegiance Might Be With His or Her Patient – This Practice Is Now Often Considered Unethical
  • Treating Doctors Frequently Do Not Have the Training to Conduct These Evaluations in a Manner Designed to Withstand the Scrutiny of Court
  • Lack of Experience Evaluating the Credentials of Potential Doctors With Medical or Legal Expertise
Components of a Good FFDE and Risk Evaluation That Will Stand Up in Court

  • Thorough Social and Clinical History
  • Objective Psychological Testing
  • Telephone Consultations With Treatment Providers
Title bulletFaculty

David Fisher, Ph.D., L.P., ABPP

  • Co-founder and former president of PsyBar LLC
  • Currently serving as chairman of the board of PsyBar LLC
  • Actively oversees psychological and psychiatric independent medical evaluations, file reviews, and fitness for duty/violence risk assessments performed across the country through a network of 1600 psychologists and psychiatrists
  • Responsible for the educational programming at PsyBar, taken by hundreds of doctors and PsyBar clients yearly
  • Recipient of the Innovative Practice Award, a presidential citation given by the president of the American Psychological Association
  • Publishes and lectures across the United States on psychiatric and psychological assessment
  • Conducts regular training webinars and seminars on fitness for duty evaluations/risk assessment
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Fitness For Duty Psychological Evaluations
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