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FMLA Extension: When 12 Weeks Is Not Enough

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The FMLA has challenged both experienced and new HR professionals since it became law. Recent changes to the FMLA and the ADAAA have increased this confusion. Understanding the various leaves that run concurrently and/or consecutively, and navigating the compliance maze adds a level of complexity that boggles the most seasoned professional.

This webinar provides an overview of areas in which the biggest mistakes are made. Introducing simple compliance strategies will help you clearly understand the intent of both the FMLA and ADAAA when considering requests for intermittent and reduced schedule leave that include a request for an accommodation. It is very easy to miss significant opportunities to control the medical absences in your workplace when you are confused about coordinating the differing requirements.

We will cover the significant differences between the FMLA and ADA notification process and the medical certification documentation required to determine eligibility for leave. We will also explain the difference between notification, required documentation and the confirmation of your company's ability to accommodate without undue hardship.

By introducing simple compliance strategies, you will clearly understand the intent of both the FMLA and ADAAA when accommodating requests for intermittent leave that include a request for an accommodation.


  • New Regulations
  • Qualifying for FMLA
  • Eligibility of Serious Health Condition
  • Notice of FMLA
  • Conditional Designation
  • Compliance Notice
  • Employee Employer Notice Requirements
  • FMLA Rights and Responsibilities Notice
  • FMLA Compliance Liability
  • Retroactive FMLA
Request for Leave
  • Calling in Sick
  • Customary Procedures
  • Medical Certification
  • When to Seek 2nd and 3rd Opinions
Medical Certification and Intermittent Leave
  • What Forms to Use?
  • Deficient Med Certs – When to Cure?
  • Re-Certification
  • Workers Comp and Light Duty
  • Time Periods for Each Individual Employee Not Each Individual Leave
  • Intermittent Reduced Work Schedules
Americans With Disabilities Act/ Integration of ADA (and Workers' Compensation) With Your Own Company's Policies Benefits and Contracts
  • What Is a Disability? What Is a Qualified Individual With a Disability?
  • ADA Notification
  • Accommodations
  • Certifications
Documenting the ADA Process
  • Curing/2nd and 3rd Opinions
  • Good Faith Interactive Meeting Process
  • Undue Hardship Analysis
Compliance Strategies
  • Consequences of Not Managing Your Leaves Effectively
  • How to Manage and Control Medical Leaves
  • What to Be Aware of
About The Presenter

Beth Brascugli De Lima (Hirsch), MBA, SPHR-CA
  • Founder, president, and principal of HRM Consulting, Inc, a California-based human resource consulting firm
  • Provides corporate consulting on a national basis regarding employment regulation, compliance and vocational rehabilitation
  • Has assisted corporate, not-for-profit, school districts, and governmental clients with Human Resource policy development and implementation since 1992 on a national, statewide, and local level
  • Extensive experience in all areas of employment litigation including the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA), and Workers’ Compensation and is a recognized expert regarding Medical Leave Management employment law compliance
  • Provides expert testimony for both the Plaintiff and Defense regarding Human Resource Best Practices and Standards of Care
  • Focus is to assist organizations with mitigating potential liability by offering consulting services, mediation, and interactive training to organizations, not-for-profits, government and pseudo government entities, attorneys, and school districts
FMLA Extension: When 12 Weeks Is Not Enough
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